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    Oregon 1/2 bbl electric setup, kegging, bottling gear

    The false bottoms worked fine but I had to make a riser to hold the center up under the weight of grain. It will easily collapse otherwise. These are the Concord false bottoms, others might be more sturdy. Honestly, things got a lot easier when I switched to a big grain bag (voile polyester...
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    Oregon 1/2 bbl electric setup, kegging, bottling gear

    I'll ship them to you for $30. I have a local party interested in the whole shootin' match but I'll report back if they pass.
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    Oregon 1/2 bbl electric setup, kegging, bottling gear

    20-gal kettles, 5500w 240v control panel on a rolling stand, Chugger pumps, 2 chest freezers, 5 ball-lock Corney kegs, 5-lb and 20-lb CO2 tanks, about 230 clean and de-labeled Deschutes Brewery bottles (mostly classic ones with hop flower embossing around the shoulder), false bottoms, silicone...
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    O2 Regulator vs C02 Regulator

    PSIG is PSIG regardless of what molecules are bouncing around in there. (I say stuff like this that seems obvious, but feel free to correct me if I'm missing something about how regulators are designed.) But, my question is . . . how do you plan to swap that tank when it's empty? I don't think...
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    What are you drinking now?

    OB G'Knight Imperial Red Ale. One of my favorites, I almost always grab a can when I'm in the LHBS. It's kinda like my pre-brew focus drink.
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    kite string to suspend dry hops bag in keg?

    Lube should have sealed it up fine, but time will tell.
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    Simcoe IPA

    I made an all-Simcoe batch a few months ago after having tried RR's Row 2, Hill 56. Mine came out great, if a bit thin (but that's a malt issue), and I think I'll be refining it into a regular rotation. I actually got quite a bit of pineapple from mine, and none of the unsavory descriptors...
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    Growing yeast question

    1. You can propagate yeast as many times as you like (10-12 generations is not uncommon) if you're very sanitary and your growing conditions are good. The more stress the yeast experience, the more likely they are to deviate from their original strain. At the same time, some people prefer yeast...
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    Stone Enjoy By - quality declining?

    I would have agreed until I started drinking Hop Valley's Alpha Centauri. 9.1% and it tastes like a single IPA. It was fantastic when I could get a bomber of it for under 3 bucks, but they wised up and raised their prices. Still under 5 and still one of my favorites.
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    Pine Flavored Hops

    Deschutes Pinedrops IPA uses Nugget, Northern Brewer, Chinook, Centennial, and Equinox. The pine probably doesn't come from the Centennial or the Equinox, and I doubt the Nugget does more than bittering and/or playing a supporting role to the Chinook and the NB.
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    Nu-Foam Sani Spray

    Looks interesting. Some quick calculations say this costs 20 cents per quart of sanitizer (10 bucks / 50 tablets = 20 cents per tablet). Star-San in a 32oz container is about $20 and uses 1oz /5 gallons (20 quarts), which gives 640 quarts per bottle. That looks like 3 cents per quart to me...
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    Experimenting with the Northern Brewer Chinook IPA

    IBUs will depend on your alpha acid percentages. Assuming your Chinook is around 12%, one ounce at 60 mins will net about 50 IBUs in 5 gallons. The 15 and 7 minute additions would add just under 20 more total, so you're essentially right at 70 with that. As for late and dry hop amounts, see...
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    Experimenting with the Northern Brewer Chinook IPA

    I personally think that 30 minute hops aren't worth the time. Either you're isomerizing acids (in which case, why not just put them in at 60 minutes?) or you're trying to keep the oils which volatilize in boiling wort (in which case, why leave them in there at all?). A lot of brewers are...
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    Varnish smell, throw away?

    It sucks to lose the time and money, but if the beer smells bad now I don't think it's going to clean up and be great or even pretty good. I did a red ale once that was pretty fusel-y from a hot fermentation, and it never got good. In fact, it was a headache in every bottle, but I kept trying...
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    WTB: 20 gallon stainless steel kettle

    I have 3 Concord 80-qt pots I got new on Ebay. They're $102 with free shipping right now. I got mine 2 years ago for even less with a deal they were running, and I love them. I'm not selling mine, just telling you what I'd do.
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    Dry hop

    Adding hops introduces a ton of nucleation sites - places where bubbles can form. CO2 can easily come out of solution when there are more nucleation sites, because it becomes easier for the tiny bubbles to form. It's not necessarily yeast activity. This is also the reason you're not supposed...
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    Graff experiment

    Montpelier has an advertised ABV tolerance of 18% so you should be fine at 1.135 even if it gets down to 1.010, which would be impressive. But that's if the yeast are happy and healthy. If you want to keep them going, do what the mead crew does and do stepped nutrient additions (SNA) at the...