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  1. Jim Karr

    Sassafras root in secondary?

    A neighbor asked this morning about tapping a sassafras tree for sap, like is commonly done with maple trees, for maple syrup. My twisted mind then went to adding sassafras root to the secondary fermenter, on the principle of dry hopping. Any thoughts/ideas/smart remarks?
  2. Jim Karr

    What happened to Founders?

    I see on the news in SW Michigan that Founders in Grand Rapids has closed their doors. Anyone have any insight? What happened?
  3. Jim Karr

    Cleaning iodophor from a barrel

    I just obtained a 55 gallon plastic barrel, in which I intend to ferment. It originally held an iodophor dairy product. Any ideas what would be the best solvent/soap to easily remove the residue inside the barrel?
  4. Jim Karr

    Merry Christmas to you brewers

    May you all have the merriest of Christmases, and hopefully your stockings will all contain Blichmanns!
  5. Jim Karr

    Repeal day!

    Tomorrow, December 5, is the anniversary of the repealing of Prohibition. Who's celebrating?:mug:
  6. Jim Karr

    Michigan Predators brew day for June

    Guys and gals! At the urging of eriktlupus, I've decided to offer my place as the Official Brewday location for June. The weekend of June 12 and 13 will be the only days I can offer. The 15th through the 25th, my son Ben and I will be traveling to Mexico for a mission trip from our church...
  7. Jim Karr

    Better bottles $17

    I've found a source for about 20 six-gallon non-ported Better Bottles. These are brand new, still in sealed factory cartons, and the guy wants to move them. I'm thinking of buying them all and offering them up here. Eaches would be $17 plus actual shipping, 3 or more $16 each plus actual...
  8. Jim Karr

    Merry Christmas to all you brewers

    I'd like to wish each and every one of the fine brewers on HBT a very Merry Christmas!!!:p
  9. Jim Karr

    Big bottles must stay warm?

    So the mental midgets in one of the Chicago suburbs have come up with a clever way to prevent public drunkenness: Insist that the largest bottle or can that can be sold in a cold condition is 24 ounces. Anything larger must be sold at room temperature. Wow. What Einstein came up with that...
  10. Jim Karr

    Strange styles

    I was on the website for the German Beer Institute yesterday, and their discussion mentioned a couple of very obscure styles: One called "mumme", and another called "keutebier". Anyone familiar with/ever heard of these? I'd like to find a recipe.....................
  11. Jim Karr

    Greg Noonan, dead at 58

    Greg Noonan, the brewer who wrote (amongst other books) "New Lager Brewing" has died at the age of 58. He lost a short battle with cancer. What a loss!:(
  12. Jim Karr

    Does eating liver help yours?

    I brought in a couple pounds of liver to cook at work, so my homies and I could enjoy it with horseradish mustard. Only time we can cook it is when the boss's wife is absent. The thought crosses my mind, "Does eating liver have any effect in counteracting the damage we cause to ours?"...
  13. Jim Karr

    Wearing a black arm band!

    I'm in mourning today. I went to the basement last night and found my latest full bag of Briess 2-row was infested with moths. It was full of webs, crawling with larvae, and down at the bottom it had started to mold. I had to pitch the entire bag. Shortly after I brought...
  14. Jim Karr

    Experiment with wheat

    On Labor Day, I fired up the kettle and made my first ever try with an AG recipe that is almost all plain, raw, unmalted wheat. (Just like it comes out of the back of the combine) I took 8 pounds of winter wheat, one pound of six-row (for enzymatic help) and a quarter pound of raw, organic...
  15. Jim Karr

    Storage of yeast under CO2

    Several years ago, I bought some dry wine yeast in a 500 gram package. It was incredibly cheap, and very convenient to just dip some out for a batch. Before I was able to use it all up (about two years), it apparently died from exposure to oxygen. I always stored it in the fridge, and...
  16. Jim Karr

    Interconnecting aluminum w/ SS

    I have a forty gallon kettle that I'm about to initiate. I plan on having a pipe nipple welded onto the bottom which will drain out at a shallow slope. Both kettle and pipe are aluminum. I plan on using either a pickled brass or stainless valve on the exit end. Will I encounter any...
  17. Jim Karr

    Universal wine yeast starter

    I make so many batches (often small batches) of wine that I'd like to make a starter of yeast. I envision pitching a couple packets of dry yeast into a simple table sugar solution, putting on the stirplate to let it grow, and save a few slants for future batches. Am I on the right track, or...
  18. Jim Karr

    disaster turns out OK

    My first attempt at using Maris Otter in a SMASH brew had all the potential of becoming yet another disaster. When I mashed in, my initial temperature in the MLT was 168F. I tried three times to add cold water to bring it down, but for some reason it didn't work. I was convinced I was...
  19. Jim Karr

    Sticky milk in fermenter

    I was able to get a quantity of 15 gallon containers from my brother. He got them from a neighboring dairy farm, and he used them to haul milk that wasn't grade A quality. (He uses the milk to feed to the pigs.) The barrels are number 2 HDPE, and I've tried quite a regimen to clean out the...
  20. Jim Karr

    Maris otter not in Recipator?

    OK, I'm going to fire up the kettle tomorrow. I'd like to doublecheck my recipe before I start. I went to and I couldn't find Maris Otter. I thinks to myself,"OK, maybe this database isn't as complete as some other ones." I went to the Recipator, and the same thing...