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  1. illin8

    Keg Setup for Hunting Camp

    I'm trying to figure out a setup for my annual 9-day hunting trip in November. We have no power and use coolers outside for food/beer storage. Being Maine in November, keeping beer cold is not a problem (usually). I'd love to have something inside but the woodstove keeps the camp between...
  2. illin8

    Tannins from mashout??

    I just tried an Oktoberfast and Centennial Blonde that I made. They are both decent but have a slight and similar bitterness. Sort of hoppy but not, and given the two different styles, hop types and amounts, something seems off to me. I read that it could be from extracting tannins... I do a...
  3. illin8

    Kern's River Citra IPA Help

    Brewed the Kern's River IPA clone last night and am looking for a little help. Pitched a 900ml starter (largest I could make) of WLP001, next step is 12 days of dry hopping in 3 day increments. She's in a brew bucket now but am not sure about dry hopping in 5gal carboys. Should I dry hop in...
  4. illin8

    Vent Concept with a little HBT Flavor

    After 9-10 years I'm finally getting back into brewing and built an electric herms.Due to cash depleted equipment fund, I didn't want to go crazy or Jerry rig a vent Hood and ended up settled on this. About $50-$60 in air duct reducers from 20" to 16", 16" to 10", 10" to 8", 8" to 6" then a 90°...
  5. illin8

    Rhode Island 30amp 240v GFCI Power Cord

    Power cord, 17' long, used once to test out system before kids got in the way of brew time. 30amp, 240v inline GFCI. $60 shipped
  6. illin8

    Rhode Island Cooler MT, Copper IC, McMaster Carr Disconnects, Bayou 30qt Burner and Pot

    Well I've been holding on as long as I could but I just don't have the time anymore, maybe I'll brew again in the future but kids and work are dominating my time. So I'm selling the following...and would like to sell as package if possible. BTW I have no clue about shipping charges... 70 quart...
  7. illin8

    1 PID Switchable for 2 5500W Elements

    I'm not sure if this has been covered here or not, have searched and come close but no cigar just yet. I have a rough version of my system laid out and built...Auber PID, heatsink & 40A SSR...The system consists of an HLT and a BK Keggles with 5500W elements in each (30 Amp @ 240V, thus the one...
  8. illin8

    Interesting PM...

    Now, I don't know if I should have researched using the name more when I just casually named my basement brewing escapades...but I received this PM today. Struck me as BS at first...but then realized (or think) it must be legit. I understand (I guess) where he is coming from...however, I am...
  9. illin8

    Heating Element Leak

    I installed a 5,500 watt element in each of two keggles, to be used for HLT and BK last night. I'm using the 1" locknut and silicone washer from and I also used a 1" to 1.5" washer as Brewmoor has to ground the elements. The configuration goes like this (looking from...
  10. illin8

    Auber SYL-2352 PID & RTD Questions

    I'll be setting up my PID this week and had a couple quick questions: 1. Is there anything I need to do as far as initial setup when I power it up and do a test run (just heating water)? Any specific settings that need to be manipulated? 2. I have Auber it accurate straight out...
  11. illin8

    Control Panel Config Questions

    I'm using an 8" x 8" enclosure for my control panel. The panel will house the PID, 40-amp SSR & Heatsink, some sort of distribution block and grounding bar, a 30-amp DPST switch, and a 30-amp 3-prong receptacle. I'm about to start mounting the components and had a few questions: 1. Does the...
  12. illin8

    30 amp inline GFCI wiring

    I have this 30 amp inline GFCI extension cord (haven't done anything with it yet) but noticed last night it has a black, a brown and a blue wire, as well as the ground. Offhand, anyone know which wires are which? I assume the blue wire is neutral with the black and brown being hot...
  13. illin8

    240v Switch Options

    In planning out my control panel I initially decided I'd just do a DPST 30-amp switch to control both legs of power going to the SSR/heating element. In looking at the switches at is there a better alternative? I really only need an ON/OFF switch to control power to the...
  14. illin8

    Control Panel Power Distribution

    Here's a question...follow me on this one. Could you set-up two of these 1-in/4-out power distribution blocks on 2 circuits sharing the same ground on one terminal...
  15. illin8

    Camco Element Question

    I've been looking for heating elements locally, specifically looking for the Camco 5,500 watt ULWD Ripp Element (02963) but can only find the Camco 5,500 watt Lime Life Element (15597) that is stated to be ULWD but IS NOT rippled back over itself. Anyone have any info on the difference? I can't...
  16. illin8

    Heating Element Thread/Locknut Question

    I've been following many DIY posts regarding installing heating elements and just want some clarification before I place an order... The base of the element requires a 1.25" hole (step-bit) in a keggle (for example). I picked up a Camco element at HD the other day and did a quick measurement...
  17. illin8

    1/2" Silicone Hose Tubing

    Any one know the difference between these two products? Any difference outside of the $2.10 vs $2.20 per foot price tag? Bargain Fittings Austin Homebrew Supply Trying to pull the trigger on tubing, any recommendations would be appreciated!
  18. illin8

    Mead - Walmart Clover Honey?

    I really want to make my first batch of mead but don't have a source for quality honey. I've emailed around and haven't had much luck. The only stuff I can find is store bought (supermarket, walmart). Soooo, how would the Walmart Clover Honey be in making a mead? Should I not even bother and...
  19. illin8

    Honey for Mead...

    ...where do you purchase get yours? Just curious...been looking around and am surprised at the prices I'm seeing.
  20. illin8

    5500 Watt heating element question

    When using a 5,500 watt element in the BK, is there anything to worry about with FWH or hot break collecting on the element? Does anything STICK to the element? Is cleaning it a b*tch?