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    Lager yeast at Ale temps?

    I have a porter recipe that calls for WLP820 which ferments at 52-58°F but the recipe says to ferment at Ale temps which is what 65-75°F. Does that sound right or is the recipe wrong. The recipe is from a friend and I don't know where he got it and he has never brewed this beer.
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    first batch.....SUCCESS!

    So I made my first beer at the beginning of January and decided that it was finally time to throw one in the fridge and see what I got. I brewed a DIPA and it couldn't have turned out better. Great carbonation and great head and the taste was better than I could have imagined. Just wanted to...
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    I have a recipe that calls for Weyermann Pilsner liquid malt extract but my home brew supply store only carries Briess Pilsen Light. Is there a difference or can I interchange them?
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    To Rack or Not To Rack

    This is probably a question that has been asked to death but here I go anyway. I started my first brew Sunday, a 2.5 Gallon full wort boil partial grain/extract DIPA. The recipe says to wait for fermentation to end, let it sit on yeast for one day then rack to secondary for dry hop. My...
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    Thank You

    I brewed my first beer last night. I did a Double IPA partial grain/extract 2.5 Gallon full wort on my stove top. Everything went fine and I checked at 8 a.m. and fermentation was doing great. Just wanted to say thanks to all for answering my noob questions super fast, it really helped make...
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    To rinse or not to rinse?

    So I'm doing a partial grain/extract double IPA and I'm going to steep my grains in 2.75 quarts of water at 150F for 45 minutes. I'm not going to use a grain bag and just pour the grains through a sieve into my pot. I was thinking of using 1.5 quarts of water at 170F to gently rinse my grains...
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    online shopping question

    Has anyone used They seem to have all the hops I need for my next brew but I've never bought from them. Is there anyone who can vouch for their quality?
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    I got my brew kit for christmas and have my recipe I've been working on for a few months ready to go. I'm starting small just a 2.5 gallon batch to get my feet wet. Doing a full wort boil, extract plus grain DIPA. My question is I have read that using distilled water is fine for extract...
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    5 to 2.5 Gallon

    Can you take a 5 gallon batch recipe and just cut everything in half to make it 2.5 gallon? example 5 gallon ruination 6.6 lbs Northwestern gold (light) malt extract syrup 2 lbs Northwestern gold (light) dry malt extract 1 lb 2-row Pale 1 lb Crystal Malt 15L 28 AAU Magnum 60 min 15.7...
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    Extract and Specialty Grain?

    I have been trying to decide what kind of water to use for my first brew and I have read the pros and cons of all kinds but here is my question. I know distilled will work good for extract because of the mineral content already in it but what about steeping. Should I steep my grains in...
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    First Brew Ever Help?

    Hello to everyone this is my first post and first time trying to brew my own beer fingers crossed. Okay onto my question, I will be making a DIPA in a 2.5 gallon batch full wort boil with a late malt extract addition. My question is should I use pellet hops or whole hops? I will boil the...