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  1. aopisa

    I told myself I wasn't going to worry

    I brewed for the first time in a couple of decades on Saturday. It is a 1.5 gallon batch of an English Ale recipe using DME and steeping grains. The yeast is Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale. O.G was 1.045. Fermentation has been at a fairly constant 64-66 degrees. Within a few hours there was visible...
  2. aopisa

    Wyeast smackpack into 1.5 gallon brew?

    First, I am hoping to keep this simple if possible. I tried searching the forum and could not find the answer I am seeking. I am brewing 1.5 gallon batches since I like trying different styles and do not generally consume large quantities of beer. I am using some Wyeast smack packs...
  3. aopisa

    Old Noob with small batch questions

    Greetings! I am getting back into brewing after a very long hiatus. I have decided to go with a grain steep/extract recipe and to go small, about 1.5 gallons. How much water should I start with to end up with 1.5 gallons after a 60 minute boil? I always used to add all the DME at the...
  4. aopisa

    Hello and a low temperature fermentation question

    Hello Everyone- After a 20 year hiatus I have decided to get back into brewing. In the past I had worked my way up to full mash brewing. I have forgotten just about everything. I did find my Dave Line and Dave Miller books. Never cared too much for the Papazian book after I found the other...