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    Free fresh hops in lansing, mi

    I have a 5 year old Cascade hop plant ready for harvest. Grown on a 16 ft. tall tripod, I'd say there's about 2lbs. of dried hops or more. If interested, please PM me. Near corner of Mt. Hope & MLK in Lansing.
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks for the interest and all the replies.
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    Malt For Sale - Lansing, Michigan

    Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
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    Free U-pic Hops In Michigan

    Taken. See You Next Year With An Even Bigger Crop To Give Away.
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    Free U-pic Hops In Michigan

    Taken. See You Next Year With An Even Bigger Crop To Give Away.
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    Counter-flow Chiller For Sale

    This is a 25ft, 3/8" copper tube counter-flow chiller. Unit is fully functional (no leaks) and works perfectly. Only $70 + shipping. Please contact Greg at 517-887-2901. Thanks for your interest.
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    Barley Crusher Sold

    Thanks for all the replies.
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    Barley Crusher For Sale

    I have a 7 lb. hopper model barley crusher for sale. Gently used. Asking $75. Please reply to [email protected] thanks for your interest.
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    6.5 Gallon Glass Carboys in Michigan

    Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
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    4 Tap Kegerator For Sale In Michigan

    I'm selling my 4 tap kegerrator. This is a larger 17.5 cubic foot converted GE fridge w/ a separate overhead freezer compartment. Here's what you'll get: > A kegerrator that easily accomodates 4 corny keg. > Fitted with quality Perlick forward-sealing faucets. > A distribution manifold...
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    Don't dump spent grains down garbage disposal

    It worked for a while, until I got a major clog. I've been able to remove such clogs in the past with a simple plunger, however the last one was really stubborn. I was frustrated and a bit drunk, and the plunging wasn't working. OK, now I'm getting really pissed off. I tightened my...
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    Hopstopper: Excellent Customer Service

    Dennis Collins and Innovative Homebrew Solutions should be congratulated for fine customer service and staying true to a guarantee. The Hopstopper didn't work well with my flat bottom kettle, so Dennis promptly refunded my purchase price, INCLUDING original shipping costs AND return shipping...
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    Electric Brew, Part 2

    Mods, please delete this thread. Thanks.
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    Electric Brew: George Westinghouse Woulda' Been Proud

    After much research, design effort and work, my electric brew system is up and running! Here's the breakdown; all pics are clickable thumbnails: A WORD OF CAUTION ! THIS SYSTEM DEALS WITH ELECTRICITY AND WATER, AS WELL AS SOMEWHAT COMPLICATED WIRING DESIGNS. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TYPE OF...
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    Michigan Hop Harvest

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    Using Sun's Radiant Energy

    During the summer months, I use the sun for: 1. Warming the mash tun/cooler. I put the tun in a closed car that's parked in the sun. Great way to pre-heat tun. 2. During the mash, I cover the tun with a black plastic garbage bag. This helps to keep the tun warm during the mash.
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    I'm Through Brewing Sober

    Never fails....every time I brew sober, my efficiency sucks and the beer winds up being sub-par. Example: two weeks ago I did a double-batch. The first was an IPA, the second an oatmeal stout. I didn't start quaffing beer until about mid-way through the mash on the IPA. By the time I got...
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    Forum Behavior (video)

    How to behave on an internet forum:
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    Hops & Frost Damage

    Looks like we may be in for some frost warnings here in mid-Michigan this week. Last year's hop plants have already sprouted and are about 6" long. Q: How frost resistant are hops? Should I cover them in the case of a frost/freeze warning?
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    Racking can strainer/filter

    Searched the forums to no avail. Started dry hopping without the hop sock. What're folks using out there for a strainer at the end of the racking cane when going from fermenter to keg/bottle when the brew has been dry hopped? How are you sanitizing your strainer? Thanks as always ! :mug: