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  1. J

    Aging cider

    I have a cider thats a month old in a glass carboy right now, and i was wondering if i could transfer it to a keg and let it age in the keg since its getting warm outside im trying to keep it cool and the carboy wont fit in the fridge.
  2. J

    Stopping fermentation without Potassium sorbate

    I have a cider thats about a month and a half old and i want to get rid of the yeast and back sweeten? How could i do this without potaisum sorbate
  3. J

    To Boil or not to boil.

    I dont think your supposed to boil the apple juice. but i was wondering if anyone does. And i made a cider yesterday with a pound of carmel malt and a half pound of chocolate i let the grains steep for 30 min at 150 in a few quarts of water and i just added the appel juice into the pot and...
  4. J

    first time Cider recipe with alittle bit of grains

    So i brewed a batch as follows 1 pound caramel 10L, 1/2 pound chocolate malt 325-375lL, 4 1/2 gallons apple juice, 3 cans concentrate And used a vial of heffenweisen Yeast. I was wondering if anybody has made anything like this before and could tell me what to expect And what tempature to...
  5. J

    Champagne Yeast And Hefeweizen ale yeast non beer uses

    So i Bought a huge order from midwest and i picked up, among several other things two extra packets of White Labs Hefeweizen Ale Yeast WL300 & WL715 White Labs Champagne Yeast WLP715, And after reading a reciepe for Apple Bee, Caramel 10L Briess and Chocolate Malt 325-375L Briess malting...
  6. J

    Shaking bottels

    Does anyone think that shaking a capped bottle would cause oxidation it what about the o2 in the headspace?
  7. J

    Does Racking to a secondary slow or stop fermentation

    My question is does racking to a secondary slow or stop fermentation.
  8. J

    How long after krausen goesaway to rack to secondary

    My hydrometer is broke and i was wondering since i cant take specific gravity readings how long after the krausen has has subsided should i wait to rack to a secondary. and its a weisen bier by the way.
  9. J

    Brewing Wheats with fruit

    So i have a Weisenbier going and i was planning on putting half a bottle of blueberry extract in before bottling but the more i read about fruit flavored i decided frozen fruits the way to go. So i boiled around 2 pounds of frozen blueberries and raspberry; not looking for too much flavor, and...
  10. J

    Turb in a Weisenbier

    I know i was supposed to strain out the turb from my weisenbier but id say i have about half of it in the bottom of my primary fermentor i plan on haveing it in there for 10 days total then straight to the bottel since i hear wheat beers are best young. I was also wondering about botteling...
  11. J

    Specific Gravity Readings

    So i brewed my first brew; a Brewers Best Weisenbier, about 3 days ago and i dont want to sound like a noob And i know this has been talked about before but ill say it anyway after 3 days no bubbleing in the airlock i took the lid off ecpecting to see a layer of foam i only saw little spots of...