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  1. J

    My mom ROCKS

    Yesterday my mom got home from a 2 week trek from Texas to Wisconsin, and numerous places in between. Brought back tons of stuff for the family. I came out on the winning end of gifts me thinks. She stopped in the Amana Colonies in Iowa at their microbrew and loaded up. I got a nice shirt...
  2. J

    Brewing a Scottish Ale

    So I'm brewing a Scottish ale as I type. Repcipe calls for 2oz Willamette for 60 min with no other hops. I have some Kent Goldings 6.6%AA in the freezer. Should I throw them in with the Willamette, or just go with one hop addition? What say the board?
  3. J

    The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide

    Title: The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide Authors: Patrick Higgins, Maura Kate Kilgore, and Paul Hertlein Foreword: Charlie Papazian ISBN# 0-684-82921-5 Date of Publication: 1996 MSRP: $14 US, $20 CAD I was at my local Barnes&Noble yesterday and saw this amongst the other homebrewing books I...
  4. J

    3gal kegs - $50 each on ebay

    Just saw this and thought I'd pass along. This is a great price on these.
  5. J

    Sight Glass DIY

    I’ve looked at all kinds of ways for putting a sight glass on my kettle now that I have a weldless fitting. I decided to make my own, and was able to do it for under $10 without tax. If you have a few spare materials around, you can too. If you have to buy all the materials, you can certainly...
  6. J

    Industrial Immersion Heaters

    So I have 2 heaters and a thermostat that I'm thinking could somehow be used in the brewing process. I'm thinking maybe putting them on a timer and having it preheat my mash/brew water so It would be at strike temps first thing on brew morning. Here's what they look like: Any...
  7. J


    I took SWMBO and my daughter to the local pumpkin patch today for a hayride and to get a big arse pumpkin for Halloween. While there, I spotted some coke pre-mix kegs at the concession stand. Figured I'd ask the owner if he cared to part with a few of them. Started talking to him while I...
  8. J


    I bought a top freezer fridge from a neighbor a few months back. It's the typical GE cheapo model and is about 2 years old. Works great, but sits in the garage, so has to run quite a bit brecause of the heat down here. The wife and I close on our first home Monday. The previous owners left...
  9. J

    Frozen juice ok?

    My uncle started growing Black Spanish grapes last year. This year he has already harvested a bunch. He has pressed and strained into 1 gallon bags which are then frozen. There is only a little pulp left in the juice and we're thinking of making some wine. There's probably 14+ gallons of...
  10. J

    Dealer steals back a truck they sold. Man...I hope this guy sues the pants off the dealership.
  11. J

    Am I missing something?

    I'm looking for shanks/faucets/etc. I was looking at the 4"SS one's on morebeer's site here: Then I looked on micromatic's site and found this: I can get 2...
  12. J

    Vegas brewpubs

    I'm headed out to Vegas tomorrow through the weekend. Anyone live/visited there and can suggest a good brewpub(s) to visit? My wife will be in CE classes several hours a day, so I figured I'd try out the local establishments and see what's on tap.
  13. J

    Reg not working right

    ok...Have my regulator setup all hooked up, but having a small problem with it. Here's a pic of it: Ok, I'm working with what I have here because funds are limited for new parts. So, I have a full 4 port reg, and a 3 port secondary reg. Since I'm wanting to run 4 kegs off of it, I set...
  14. J

    Beer and root beer on same CO2 tank?

    I'm about to make some root beer to add to my fridge along with my beer. I know that root beer is extremely potent, so should I worry about fumes from the root beer making it's way into the gas lines and contaminating the gas/beer? My setup will have 2 regulators off my tank. The first one...
  15. J

    Beer Gas

    I searched the forum and found no mention of the beer gas mixture. I have also looked on the web and found more technical info that real user comments. Does anyone use beer gas rather than straight CO2? Do you like it better, or is CO2 still the most preferred method. I'm assuming the...
  16. J

    Beck's Clone

    Just as the title says. Does anyone have one? Have looked everywhere, and even posted in the Recipe Locator thread that's stickied. Would like to make a batch, but either nobody else likes the beer enough to make a batch, or Beck's has had the cloners offed to keep their recipe a secret...
  17. J

    Stepping up to LARGE batches

    A buddy and I recently acquired 2 industrial fridges to lager in. One will be our primary lager fridge, as it will hold 4 6.5gal carboys, and the other will be the secondary lager fridge as it can hold 6-8 5gal carboys. We're biting the bullet and buying a 26.4gal (100liter) kettle to step up...
  18. J

    Fermentation Chiller modification

    I linked to this site from somewhere on the boards, and fould the instructions for a fermentation chiller. Already have everything to build it minus the insulation laying around the garage. Then I got to thinking, which I...
  19. J

    Kegging into Mini-Kegs

    Before someone mentions it...because I'm a n00b to this forum...I did a search for my questions before asking them. :) I am new to the homebrew kegging scene, but have all the equipment I need from my old kegerator in college. I no longer have the kegerator, so I don't have a space for the...