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  1. DesertBrew

    What $ would you consider fair price for this 3 tier system?

    Getting out of brewing for a variety of reasons. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out a fair price for the 3-tier alone. Another would be selling everything seen in pic. 3 Tier system - custom designed from hardened aluminum, professional welded frame & chrome diamond board. Industrial...
  2. DesertBrew

    Bacon Cheddar Onion Brat Omelet with Tabasco

    Since another particular thread went into lock down Cook 3 2 for dinner 1 for breakfast If I stop posting, I probably had a heart attack.
  3. DesertBrew

    I love sharing my Skittles!

    I haven't seen this posted yet ;). NSFW (duh :)) Banned Skittles Commercial! MUST WATCH - YouTube
  4. DesertBrew

    Top 20 5 second films (part 2)

    In case you haven't seen elsewhere. Matches my twisted humor :cross:.
  5. DesertBrew

    Ooma Internet phone appliance Anyone have one of these & can share opinion? I like having a home phone and this thing although pricey at $199 (Best Buy) seems like it'll be a 6-8 mo return on investment and then a $3-$4 per mo bill after that for 911 and tax. I'm preparing for my rebellion against...
  6. DesertBrew

    Camaro for sale - Angry divorce much?

    Read down a bit. :rockin:
  7. DesertBrew

    Equip Sale - Twin Cities Area

    I'm not shipping any of this, just giving some twin cities HBTers an opportunity before I put things on craigslist. I'm on a brewing hiatus (divorcing, apt life currently) and need to sell off some stuff to make room where I park for the new Harley hobby. Here's what I got and will update if I...
  8. DesertBrew

    Pete Carroll to Seahawks I think it's a bad move to give it another try. Ego I guess.
  9. DesertBrew

    Nice Buck

    Woke up to this guy napping in my backyard a couple days ago. Figured I'd share since it's an awesome buck and pic. About 20 ft from the house. That'd be the MN backyard not the desert backyard ;)
  10. DesertBrew

    Buy or Rent

    So if you were gonna move, would you think about buying another house or would you wait to see if we hit rock bottom. I'm so conflicted :cross:. I'm almost thinking I wait and see if it gets uglier out there. I figure theres some of you out there renting today asking the same question if you...
  11. DesertBrew

    Top 10 Incredible recordings

    Top 10 Incredible Recordings - The List Universe Being Friday the 13th and all I just played the Russian exorcism from my office with the door cracked a bit. Atheist or religious anytime I hear that one I get the heebie jeebies. Luckily the boss is out of town today.
  12. DesertBrew

    Obama Action Figure!

    Get yours while supplies last!
  13. DesertBrew

    George Clooney Claims Victory in Gaza

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Hamas leader hails 'Gaza victory' Carry on. ;)
  14. DesertBrew

    Tips for cooking lobster tails?

    Brazilian Rock style. Never done them. Quick google seems like it can be widely varied. Wife has been in the hospital and I want to make her an awesome meal for when she gets out tomorrow. I'm thinking the steam approach but tips? Agh! :o
  15. DesertBrew

    1st trip to Lambeau Field

    Had to share... Being an Ex-Pat cheesehead 10 years on I am finally making my 1st pilgrimage to Lambeau Field for the Colts/Packers game on 10/19. 50 yard line tickets in.. I'm thinking this guy might show up Wish they were playing better...
  16. DesertBrew

    Gina Carano - Beat Me!

    I'll watch an occasional MMA bout if its on TV. Saturday I saw the ads for the CBS Elite xTreme Combat show so I tivo'd it. Watched it later that night and was intrigued of the female bout going on between Gina Carano and Kelly Kobold. I've heard of Gina but never saw her fight. All I can...
  17. DesertBrew

    Awesome portable equipment find!

    Behold the: Motorized Cruzin Cooler by Baron Bob and Wonderfully Wacky
  18. DesertBrew

    CNN Video Rant

    They have the crappiest streaming videos EVER. Get some friggen bandwidth ya buttheads! Or let google host it for you. I get better streams from BBC for gods sake. Rant done.
  19. DesertBrew

    Destination - Zürich

    Well maybe anyways. I heard today at a meeting of a 3-5 mo temporary project management position at my work that I would assume be based out of Zürich, our European HQ. It's right up my alley and I'm 90% sure I can raise my hand to get it. It was only discussed briefly on a conference call but...
  20. DesertBrew

    Pets and when its time.

    So I had to put down our longtime family member Zeus this past Friday. He was almost 14 and at 100 lbs he certainly lived a great life. Before taking him in I poured some of my beer on the patio floor as he always appreciated lapping up some homebrew with me. Then I helped him into the pool...