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  1. yoop89

    12 Beers of Christmas 2021 Edition

    Im still here! My second batch is lagering and will be for another 2 weeks at which time ill keg off half and play with the other half. Ill be set to ship the week after Thanksgiving as well.
  2. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    @DrGMG sorry I havent had much time to relax lately. I have enjoyed both of the IPAs but sadly have not had time to sit down and crack into the other 3. Maybe I should pencil in some time this Friday :)
  3. yoop89

    STC-1000 heater output not working

    What are you feeding into the relay? With how I have mine wired, I have line voltage into the relay so when it turns on it outputs the same, line voltage. I have mine wire as it is below. Line is Maroon, Neutral is Blue and Ground is Green(120VAC).
  4. yoop89

    Fellowship of the Home Brew XIII: Never Give up, Never Surrender!

    Enjoying an @Atlantatopher Amber Eyes after a late night of working. This is a great amber, perfectly balanced, definitely crushable. I haven’t had a beer I’ve disliked so far. Sorry it’s taking so long to get through them 😁.
  5. yoop89

    Show us your campers!

    Still mid conversion but been using it all summer! Just need to get cabinets installed, tint windows and finish the bathroom. 3-way fridge, 400W of solar, mounted inverter generator and a diesel fueled heater. Wish I had more pics to share, had to steal this one from the wifes instagram.
  6. yoop89

    Candi Syrup, before/mid/end of boil?

    Im also in the "end of fermentation" boat. I treat candi syrup as any other flavor adjunct that I choose to spend money on. I wouldn't add vanilla beans or fruit to the boil so why would I add an expensive syrup to the boil? I'd like to think that subtle flavors are preserved better as has been...
  7. yoop89

    My IC's lines are touching the top of the boil kettle, what do I do?

    Silicone can take pretty high heat(600°F) so as long as they arent in direct contact with the flames they should be fine. I have my tubing hooked up for recirc during the last 10 minutes of my boil to sanitize my plate chiller and have not had any problems in the last two years. *Quick edit to...
  8. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    I didnt get any hints of oxidation. Even though the pic looks like it may be oxidized I promise its just my old phone/poor basement lighting.
  9. yoop89

    Fellowship of the Home Brew XIII: Never Give up, Never Surrender!

    Found this hiding in the back of the fridge! Pleasant surprise to end my brew night and probably my favorite out of everything I recieved(still have the quad to drink though). Pm incoming @Atlantatopher 😁
  10. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Finally got to crack open my first @DrGMG. Sorry for the awful pic(not at all the color it is in person) but this WCIPA is awesome. I’m usually not a fan of any IPA but every one I’ve gotten so far in FotHB has me rethinking my view on them 😁.
  11. yoop89

    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks @BrewChatter!
  12. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Sorry this post is so late! Still haven’t had a chance to crack one open but they are all safe and sound in the fridge 😁 thanks @DrGMG!
  13. yoop89

    LABOR DAY GIVEAWAY!! Enter to win Inkbird Wireless Freezer Thermometer

    Would love to give one of these a try!
  14. yoop89

    12 Beers of Christmas 2021 Edition

    Ill be rebrewing the Juniper Rye Bock this week sometime 😢. Should have plenty of time to mature still. First batch is going to live its life as a higher proof beverage. Has an odd off-flavor that is a blend between sour and metallic with a weird bite after swallowing. Ill keep it around to see...
  15. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Crashing the Mexican Lager for a few days then kegging! My offer should be ready to send a week from this monday :) Probably sooner but I dont link beer sitting alone over the weekend so prefer to ship on Mondays :mug:
  16. yoop89

    Maple Wine - Discuss?

    I made a 6 gallon batch of maple wine with syrup I collected myself(end of season so darker than anything you will find in stores), I followed TOSNA 2 protocols using Belgian Strong Ale yeast. Turned out fantastic. I aimed for a final gravity of 1.005, depending on the yeast hitting its...
  17. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Thanks for the great round @3 Dawg Night!
  18. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Woohoo! I get one of my top 4. Actually the last remaining offer in my top 4 haha. I choose @DrGMG :mug:
  19. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Everyone here? I’ve been ready for an hour. Thought it was supposed to be 4 EST 😁
  20. yoop89

    FotHB XIV: Lambic Pentameter

    Getting the cucumber sour started while enjoying @Atlantatopher house-spouse rice lager! This beer is fantastic. Definitely could put a few of these down.