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  1. jmh286

    Possible failure of controller? No heat from element.

    I would start by (carefully) opening the panel and make sure your SSR is switching. Your PID simply outputs ~12vdc which switches the SSR and allows current to pass through. If your SSR isn't working, you won't get power to your heating element. There should be a light on the SSR to indicate...
  2. jmh286

    First Lager

    Lagers really need cooler temperatures than your 58 degree room will give them. The yeast will increase the temperature inside the container as much as 7 or 8 degrees F during fermentation. Are you planning on incorporating a diacetyl rest? After the majority of fermentation is completed...
  3. jmh286

    Going electric and at a loss

    Is that shop power GFCI? If not you would want to incorporate that somehow....because you know water/wort+wet hands+metal pots+electricity can equal bad things. You'll want to have that regardless of which route you choose (DIY or premade). It seems daunting at first, but there are a ton of...
  4. jmh286

    BEER KITS BELOW COST.....But I need your help!

    I'm in for the Newcastle Clone! Haven't done extract in a while, so I would be a good guinea pig :D
  5. jmh286

    IBrewed my first (i don't know what) ended up with only 3.2 Gallons of wort...

    What temperature are using for your mash? It seems like you aren't getting much conversion. Are you using the 161F for your infusion that is recommended in that recipe? That seems fairly high even for a wit. 5.5 gallons is a good volume to shoot for, because it gives you some leeway with...
  6. jmh286

    Ss Brewtechs Biggest Baddest Holiday Giveaway Ever!

    Oh wow....I'm in for sure!:mug:
  7. jmh286

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Robust Beard Porter – All-Grain Recipe Kit
  8. jmh286

    so maybe i don't take cleanliness seriously enough ...

    Sanitizing is the best way to make sure you beer doesn't get infected with something....and it's so easy to do. I have a 5 gallon bucket with a lid from Lowe's and I just mix up batches of sanitizer 5 gallons at a time and use it until it doesn't pass an pH test/starts to look nasty. I end up...
  9. jmh286

    Transferring 12 hours early or 12 hours late

    I very regularly wait 3 weeks or more in primary with my low gravity beers and a month or more on my higher ones. There is really no reason to do a secondary unless you need your primary for another batch :mug: And as previously stated, take the instructions that come with the kit, read them...
  10. jmh286

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    In on this one for sure!
  11. jmh286

    effect of 4 week primary fermentation

    I had a Blonde Ale sitting in primary over two months due to work/laziness. As long as your airlock doesn't dry out, you should be fine. :tank:
  12. jmh286

    Help brewing Ale for a beginner

    Like the others said, a gravity reading is really the only reliable way to determine if your beer is finished fermenting. As far as kegging, once you are sure fermentation is over, you'll want to siphon into a sterilized keg and add CO2 to acheive the desired carbonation. You didn't tell us what...
  13. jmh286

    First time brewer-Bubbles!

    I'm willing to bet that you didn't mix your honey in as well as you thought. Honey usually completely ferments, so depending on how much yeast was still in suspension, you may have just created some really carbonated beer and some really flat beer all at once. CO2 also needs time to be absorbed...
  14. jmh286

    Fermentation stopped

    It's sitting a little over 5%, which is about right for a Hefeweizen. Taste it and see. My Hefe usually finishes right around 1.015~1.016, but I'm usually at 1.055 or so for my OG. :mug: