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    Colorado GABF ticket

    1 Great American Beer Festival Ticket Members session Saturday at Noon Not looking to scalp, face plus fees is 68$ SWMBO decided not to go this year email at [email protected]
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    Battle over the "strange" name

    Sad to see this. A Mass homebrew shop suing a CO brewery over it's name. No competition whatsoever between the two but some people these days just like to cry and run for their mommy, or lawyer.
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    What are you waiting for?

    The one thing that bugs me about brewing with bugs is the required patience. Soooo many months I've peered into the glowing red carboy waiting for it to mature. I used wyeast's lambic blend 3278. It's been a year now and hoping to hold off another year. The curiosity of it's taste tests my...
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    how best to utilize a glycol chiller

    I've got a chance to get a glycol chiller on the cheep. Anyone out here using one on a homebrew scale? I don't have any specs yet but it was used on a 5bbl system and has a new pump. i've got a single tier 3keg system. My thoughts are: 1. pipe it to run through my plate chiller...
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    first run on my new all grain system

    Embarked on my maiden voyage for my single tier. It has been several years in the making and plenty of time invested. I've been waiting to 'go all grain' until i had this done. Hindsight would have build a cooler mash tun if I knew how long i'd be building this. I did a pretty simple 5g...
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    Yard House

    Went to the yard house in Golden CO last night. Had a pretty darn good tripple but the prices are a bit hard to swallow. The think was 7.5 for what looks like about 10-12 oz But hey, the place was packed so what bad economy?
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    propane splitting and control valves

    I'm using some of the larger high pressure burners from Agri supply and got the appropriate regulator. My plan is since the regulator takes 1/4" NPT to split down the line with brass fittings into 3 separate 1/4" ball valves then onto each burner. from my searching here it looks like many...
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    hot side hoses

    Did I screw it up? My fittings are 1/2" and my silicone hoses are 1/2" ID. The clamps hold solid but I worry about effectiveness of CIP with hoses that only loosely cover the barbs. Anyone else use the larger hoses?
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    stout faucet mounting question...

    I've got a converted upright fridge and am considering adding a couple stout faucets however am concerned that the push back operation wouldn't be possible due to lack of clearance with the face of the fridge. Anyone that has given it a go with success?
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    Sorry Annabelle, its your first Christmas, thankfully you have no wants yet. I hope when you are old enough I can provide for you and you never know anything but pride for your father.
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    drip tray

    Anyone ever use strong magnets to attach a drip tray to their fridge? I figure it would be easier to dump
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    getting closer

    Done plenty of PM and even a turbid PM for a lambic but my 3 years in process single tier us getting close. I've only got to build my gas supply system, mount the plate chiller, build the water filtration and supply and sparge arm. Any one else so damn slow to build? Excuses for me are...
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    single tier CIP

    For cleaning a single tier do you circulate PBW or oxy clean then star san? My build is getting soooo close after 3 yrs of parts and fabrication
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    Is the oxyclean sold for laundry use the same or similar enough for general cleaning?
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    rusted steel

    I've got my frame built for my single tier system. The steel I am using is some 100 + year old angle pieces. It looks pretty sweet in its rusted state and I'd like to keep it like that. Would a clear coat work well to minimize red iron stains on everything? Any other ideas to seal it?
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    not to brag but...

    Last night @ the GABF I poured for Green Flash, Firestone Walker and Russian River. My favorite beer was the Little Freak by Green Flash.
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    huge starter

    My wife just spotted a stirplate with 4gal vessel and a magnet the size of your hand. Oh the possibilities...
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    blowoff for a starter?

    Shoulda had one! First time using WLP001 it took off like crazy. Wish I had time to brew yesterday @ high Krausen.
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    Belgian ales, kegged and high carb levels

    So Belgian ales are commercially typically bottled and pretty highly carbonated in general. If you are kegging your homebrew and try to reach higher carb levels often you get a glass of foam. Anyone ever try an extra long serving hose to mitigate it with any success? Of course then you leave...
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    So what distinguishes a farmhouse from other sassion ales? Higher ABV? Looks like some are spiced some aren't. Some enlightenment out here?