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    Vanilla porter

    I tried a bottle yesturday, and no fiss yet. The question I have is does it just need more time? I used carb tablets and it has been in the bottles for 2-3 weeks now. I have never used the tablets before. Usually i use priming sugar for the whole batch but this time I kegged in 5L cans and then...
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    Potosi brewery

    I took a road trip from Iowa to Potosi Brewey and Resrtuant in Potosi Wis. I had a great time, great beer and great food. The ABA National Brewery Museum is also there which is nice to good thru. The brewery is only kegging right now but is moving up to selling there beer to other venues and...
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    wood barrels

    Is there a good source for wood barrels to buy? I am playing around the idea to try and maybe make a batch of beer in one. Any good ideas out there for doing this?
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    What hops do I need?

    I want to start growing some of my own. I brew mostly ales, so what kinds do you recommend?
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    Using apples

    Has anybody made any kind of brew using apples in the secondary?
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    Smells great

    Just finished bottling my vanilla porter. Smells great. I used whole beans instead of extract.
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    5 liter kegs

    Has anyone used these before? Helpful hints?
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    5 litter kegs

    Just got a couple of 5 L kegs. Wondering can you use the small bottles of CO2 on them? Can I force carb these things? I just don't have room yet for a 5 gallon system yet. Any helpful ideas I'm open thanks
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    Freezer question?

    Does anyone know the make of a small fridge or freezer that can hold two cornies, and a 5# CO2 tank? I don't have alot of room to work with. Maybe going under a counter that we have already.
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    Spruce tip ale

    Opened up my spruce tip ale, yesturday for the family x-mas. Wow! It was a big hit with everyone. I will dod that one again next year but earlier, and let it age alittle more.
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    Priming sugar

    I forgot to boil my priming sugar before I put it in to bottle. Is my beer going to carb or not? Help!!
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    Calendar to brew to

    The other day someone posted a calendar to brew to. When to brew so they are ready for that time of year. But I cannot find it again! Help.
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    Good pictures

    What happened to the (MOD EDIT) fight club that used to be here?
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    Events in Iowa?

    Does anybody know of anything a homebrewer can go to in Iowa? I'm bored of the winter already
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    Are there any bowhunters out there? Have any of you seen the new hunting bows out for 2010?
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    5 L kegs

    Has anybody used any of these to keg homebrew? If so, did they work well?
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    Blown top

    Making a batch of Sruce tip ale, Slow to start fermenting, then it took off and blew my airlock, and hit the celing! What a mess to clean up. But put in bathtub, cleaned up put airlock back in and all is good now.
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    Spruce tip ale

    Has anybody ever tried to make this for a holiday beer? Any good recipes?
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    Watermelon ale

    Has anybody tried this with success? I want to make a batch. i was going to try using the raspberry ale one, but if anybody has done it please share.:mug:
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    Blueberry ale

    Granite City just finished with a new blueberry ale. How could you clone that? Could you use a pale ale and then add your fruit to it during secondary, or does it need to be before that? It was really good for a fruit beer.