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    Grain Gobbler advice?

    I was just given the Grain Gobbler with stainless hopper from morebeer as a gift! The reviews for this mill are a bit mixed. Does anyone have one? I am particularly concerned about connecting it to a power drill. One reviewer said he stripped the threads fairly quickly. I would love to...
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    Online printed source for thin, long labels to go over cap?

    I want to make some thin strip labels like Pretty Things uses over their caps. I don't own a printer, so ideally this would be something I can have printed for me. All I can find are more rectangular labels around 1"x3.5", these are more like 0.75"x6". I suppose I would settle for 1.5"x6"...
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    Help building electric HLT in NH

    Hey everyone, I have been asking around trying to find someone in the central NH (Concord/Manchester) area to help me convert a rubber covered sanke keg that I have into an electric HLT without success. I don't have access to the tools or expertise to do it myself. I just need help with the...
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    Help building my electic HLT?

    Greetings! I have had this plastic (rubber?) covered keg in my possession for a few years: A while back I removed the spear and used it to ferment 10 gallon batches, which worked fine, but I realized I'd rather use it as an electric HLT if possible. Has anyone worked with a keg like...
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    60+ empty 22oz bottles in NH

    I have 60+ empty beer bottles for sale. Most are 22oz with labels removed. I had planned on using them for homebrewing, but since I started kegging I very rarely bottle. I'm asking $10 for everything, local exchange only. I live in Hooksett and commute to the seacost, so anywhere in...
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    Natural yeast on apples... why?

    I had 5 gallons of cider pressed this weekend, which is naturally fermenting as we speak. I have been reading a lot about spontaneous fermentation of cider, and how the natural yeast on the apple is why it works. Does anyone know why yeast is naturally present on apple skins?
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    planning cider/apple experiment

    Greetings! It's cider/apple season in New England, and I'm looking for feedback on whether this is a good idea or not... I'm planning to brew the Arrogant Bastard clone in the recipes section this weekend. I batch sparge, so first and second runnings would go towards the AB. I am...
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    need help replacing propane regulator hose

    Hey everyone. My turkey fryer has been left outside a few too many times, and I'm starting to worry about the condition of the hose. It looks like it's cracking in a few spots. Here is the hose and regulator: You can see where I put electrical tape on some of the cracks. I've looked at...
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    CO2 manifold assistance needed

    Currently I have one corny keg, but will be ordering more soon. This means I will need to split up my CO2 distribution. All of the pre-made CO2 manifolds I'm seeing online seem online seem really expensive. I came across this guy's keezer a while back. His manifold is definitely DIY, and...
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    Buying a CO2 tank off craigslist, any advice?

    I have the opportunity to buy a 20 lb CO2 tank for $60 off of craigslist. I'm completely new to kegging, so I was wondering, is there anything I should look for or check before handing over the cash? Thanks!
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    Frigidaire upright freezer keezer-able?

    I've been searching, but I can't find anyone who has coverted an upright frigidaire freezer to a keezer/kegerator. Someone is selling one on my local CL for a good price. I'm planning on taking a look tomorrow, but maybe someone here can save me some time if they know these freezers won't...
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    Which thermometer for my cooler MLT?

    In hopes of hitting my strike and mash temps more accurately, I want to add a thermometer to my coleman xtreme 62 quart MLT. I see many people using the digital cooking thermometers with a probe, but I'm wondering if something permanently mounted in the cooler wall would be better? I saw...
  13. X review / immersion chiller project

    I just wanted to make a post covering my ordering experience with, and the building of my immersion chiller. I placed my order for 50' of 3/8" copper tubing on Monday morning for a total of $46.37 including shipping. The tubing arrived yesterday via DHL. Here is the...
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    5 gallon sanke as a secondary?

    I have recently had the good fortune of coming across a 5 gallon sanke keg. I know I saw someone on this board who had been using one as a secondary fermenter, but of course I forget who. I'm assuming if I find the right size rubber stopper I can just drill a hole, pop it in with an airlock...
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    Accounting for lower efficiency, more water or more heat?

    So I'm close to starting my first AG, I have one last question. When accounting for lower efficiency by adding more grain (I set my efficiency level to 60% in promash, which people seem to recommend for your first AG), do you: a) Add the necessary amount of extra water? or b) Add the same...
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    Please cure my strike temp ignorance

    So I'm planning on brewing Ed Wort's haus pale ale for my first all grain batch. As I try to understand the math behind everything, I get stuck on the strike temperature. I plan on batch sparging just as Ed describes in the recipe. However, when I plug what I think are valid values into the...
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    This is probably a bad idea, but potentially a new kettle source

    So a few weeks ago I mentioned to my brother-in-law that I was on the lookout for a keg to use as a brew kettle. He suggested I take a look at a used oil drum from his shop. I figured it couldn't hurt, so here we are: At first glance, the dimensions are perfect for my turkey fryer...
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    What eats hop bines?

    I'm considering trying to grow my own hops this year. I'm aware of which insects are a threat to hop bines, but what animals? I read somewhere that squirrels will eat the cones? Where I live squirrels are everywhere, so if this is true, I might have to reconsider. Thanks!
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    Coleman 62 qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler <$20!

    I hope this is the right place for this, since there isn't a "deals" forum, but I just came across this deal on a coleman 62 qt cooler from sears, only $19.97! Coleman sells it for $72.99 on their website, insanity! I ordered one and opted for in-store pickup, so no shipping! I can't wait...
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    Various questions regarding Rogue ceramic bottles

    I have one of Rogue's ceramic bottles (the RIS, fantastic!), and after searching this and other home brew sites I still can't find much information on them. They look like this just in case there's any confusion: Are they completely ceramic? Someone suggested they are glass on the...