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    Mystery Hops

    Hey all. My mate's given me 17g of a mystery hops he grew and asked me to make a beer with it, Any thoughts on which way to go? looking for something that will show off the hops flavour.
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    Thoughts on partial extract Stout

    Hey guys, Cheers for your input. Still pretty knew to this. So i've gone through and made some adjustments, based on a few things brought up. Punched it all into BeerSmith 2 and it's Looking up. I'm Comparing it the Foreign Extra Stout coz i'm aiming for something creamy with a punch. OG...
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    Thoughts on partial extract Stout

    Hey, Looking at doing my first Partial Extract Stout and wouldn't mind some input to make sure i'm on the right track. So for a 23l Batch i've got 1kg Dark Dry Extract Boiled with 6l Water Steeping 15g EK Goldings @60m 15g Willamette Hops @20 Before adding 1kg Maltodextrine 2kg...
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    Thoughts on Mexican Cerveza Recipe

    Hey all, got a Coopers Cerveza on the brew at the moment, only the second brew i've done, was just wondering on your thoughts. It's 23l - 1.7kg Coopers Mexican Cerveza Extract - 250g LDE - 330g Maltodextrine - 960g Dextrose and the Deliverence Mex steepac containing crystal malt, wheat...
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    Heya, First brew here. Justing checking to see i'm on the right track.

    Cheers all for your help. Doesn't taste to bad, nice n light. So i've racked it to a secondary, and am gonna let it sit and settle for a few weeks, or at least until i've drunk enough commercial to bottle it all :P Yeah, the yeast probably wasn't best to start with, bought the can from kmart...
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    Heya, First brew here. Justing checking to see i'm on the right track.

    hmm... I must be doing something wrong then. I've input 1pck Cooper ale Yeast 0.13kg Maltodextrin 0.53kg Dextrose 1.21 kg Cooper's Australian Lager Extract 14.5L Water But i'm still getting a final gravity of 1.006
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    Heya, First brew here. Justing checking to see i'm on the right track.

    Hey. So i've got my first brew on the go at the moment. It's a Coopers Australian Lager. Now i only had a 15l Ferm, so i had the split the ingredients up to 1.21kg of the coopers can, and 650g of the coopers brewing sugar. Starting Gravity was 1042, and now 9 days later it's reading 1016, and...