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    Is this small glycol chiller sufficient?

    All, Would these small chillers work for temp control on a 14 gallon fermenter with an internal cooling coil? I'm not familiar with the thermodynamics of this sort of thing, so I can't tell based on the specs. The reservoir is only 1.4 gallons, which my intuition tells me might be too...
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    Welding Keg in Southern California

    Hi all, Any welding shop recommendations in the LA or OC area? I'm looking to have a 4" ferrule welded to a sanke for a fermenter project. I've called around looking for a shop that does small sanitary weld jobs, but no luck. Brewer's Hardware can do it but only on unbranded kegs. Thanks
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    Camco 5500W through a 1" hole?

    Building an electric HLT with the Camco element. It's 1" and uses 1" washers and locknuts but the instruction on the Electric Brewery say to make a 1-1/4" hole in your kettle. I plan on putting a few 1" holes in the HLT and other kettles so I'm wondering if I could buy just the 1" knockout...
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    Hop Rocket recirculation

    Hi there, Putting together a new setup: Kettle > Pump > Hop Rocket > Therminator > Carboy All these tool are new to me, past batches have just been dumped from kettle into carboy via a strainer and funnel after using an immersion chiller. It seems that most people will recirculate for...
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    Precise Heat 65 Quart Kettle

    Anyone here using one of these? I might buy one....
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    Single Temperature Infusion BCS Book

    In need of a little clarification. In Brewing Classic Styles Palmer states that all recipes use a Single Temperature Infusion mash (STIM) by default. From my initial searching I thought that STIM was the same as No Sparge. That is incorrect right? After looking into it further, people...
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    Drill the side of a Corny?

    Think it would be possible to drill the side of a corny keg and put a ball valve or a tap of some sort on it? No info about such a project online. I would like to use a 2.5 or 3 gallon keg for cask conditioning and would like to gravity dispense standing upright. Trying to simplify things and...
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    Reverse a cold crash

    Have an imperial stout in the secondary, got impatient and decided I wanted to keg it so that I can pull a pint every now and then while it does some more aging. So i started cold crashing it at 33F. Going to be leaving town and wont get around to kegging it for another couple weeks. If I raise...
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    Black IPA with no malt flavor

    Hi there, Brewed Northern Brewer's extract Black IPA (CDA) kit. Og. Was supposed to be 1.075 Ours came in at 1.065 and had a final of 1.020..... The beer is now kegged. Zero malt flavor, watery and dry.... I would assume that since it finished so high that there should be some detectable...