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    I'm tossing it down the drain!

    :ban:I hope you are correct because it did taste great. I was wondering if it would carbonate if the yeast had all pooped out - I will know in a week when I try one out. The recipe added maltodextrine which I have never used before. Is this a fermentable sugar? Could using it raise the FG...
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    I'm tossing it down the drain!

    I just bottled a batch that had been in the 2ndary for 10 days and it either stuck at 1.026 or that is all the lower it will go. I bottled it today. The OG was 1.069 and the FG was 1.026. Does it sound like it ran out of gas or what. It is a stout and the yeast I proofed never got as active as I...
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    Quick help needed on a starter

    No air lock, just foil over the opening. Yes, I do see activity. I am going to boil the wort tomorrow and use what I have. Thanks Tim:ban:
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    Quick help needed on a starter

    Hi all, I have not posted here in some time. I am doing a stout this time and using a starter on the yeast this time. I got the kit from B3 and needed to add some stuff to reach the free shipping -- doesn't it make sense to have more stuff than to pay for shipping? :rockin: This is my first...
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    Partial or Full Boil

    I have tried boiling 4 gal on my kitchen stove and it was not easy and took a long time to start boiling. Then I tried a couple 3 gal batches and it boils much easier. Stick to 3 gal or a little more and your stove can handle that much. It's also faster to cool down 3 gal than 5 gal of boiling wort.
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    aeration oops, I spose I messed it up

    In the future I would suggest a racking transfer rather than pouring. I use the auto siphon which just couldn't be easier. My 1st batch was a crash and burn but the next three have been great. I have found that it is somewhat forgiving so you might be just fine. I have seen that the beer after...
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    My first pop

    I have racked after 5 days and after as much as 10 days. I think it is better to rack to the 2nd'ary while you are still getting some bubbling if only because the creation of CO2 will be there and force the oxygen off the top layer of the beer once you get it into the carboy. My last batch was...
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    Over active yeast

    It's day 10 since I put it in the fermenter. It's been in the 2nd'ary for 6 days and it looks like it has stoped working and is now going to start to clear. I guess it must have awakened the lazy yeast when I racked it to the carboy but it looks like normal now. Different yeasts do seem to act...
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    Over active yeast

    Maybe, but the temps have stayed in the 68°-74° range. It is 72° now, something woke it up. The specific gravity was 1.022 when I racked it and the SG was 1.054 if that tells you much of anything. I was going to keep it in the 2nd'ary for 10 days but since it's been in there for 6 days already I...
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    Over active yeast

    I am not an old timer here, I have my 4th batch in the 2nd'ary now. My first 3 batches were in the primary for 4-6 days when I racked to a 2nd'ary where there was very little activity for the next 2-3 days after which the beer just started clearing up. This batch of Irish Red seems like it will...
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    Bottle washer

    I would suggest using a sanitizer on the bottles and you would be well off to use a "no-rinse" one rather than bleach which does require a rinse. I use Star-san and iodophor. I like the iodophor because it doesn't foam, so I use it on the bottles, but I use star-san for everything else. You want...
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    boil or not?

    Go read this and you will learn the basics.
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    Bad Taste

    The dried brewers yeast was my first guess too. My 1st batch had a sour taste too and I used the dry yeast that looks like what you use when making bread. My next three used liquid yeast and the sour taste was no longer there. I am not sure I know what poor sanitation would make it taste like...
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    Secondary and Bottling

    Everything I have read says NOT to boil the caps because it can ruin the plastic seal in them. I have put mine in a sanitizing solution, but never boiled them.
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    reading a hydrometer

    When do you take the final FG reading? Do you take a reading before or after adding the priming sugar? I keep taking my FG reading after I have racked the beer from my secondary into my bottling pale and added the priming sugar. It is just so much easier to sanitize the hydrometer and drop it in...
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    Homebrew Supply Websites

    My hat is off to Morebeer. After reading many posts about I started using them to order supplies. I received my latest order yesterday and found that the sanitizer injector had a broken part on it causing the liquid to drain out. I emailed Morebeer about the problem and I got an...
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    Bass bottles

    Are they screw off caps? If so you can't use them. If they are caps that you have to use a bottle opener on to open, then you can use them. :cool:
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    secondary fermentation question

    You should not use your mouth to suck the beer from the primary unless you had something covering your mouth. That is a great source of contamination. You don't want to rack in the yeast that has settled on the bottom of the primary into the secondary. You want to leave all that behind and...
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    first-timer freaking out

    My first and second batch both had the grommet pop out into the wort when I inserted the bubbler. The first batch had a funny aftertaste and after waiting 45 days to see if it cleared up, I dumped it. Was it the first grommet falling into the wort? Dunna know, but the second one was sanitized...
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    first-timer freaking out

    Sounds like you are using a bucket. I also use a bucket but I have read that they often will leak so you don't see the bubbles. My lid is a tight pain in the a## to remove, for you to say you peeked under it makes me wonder if it is air tight. If it isn't the lid leaks and you won't see the...