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  1. Reddog68

    How to fix a low OG

    Hello all, Just brewed a brown ale, and i am not very happy with the outcome! OG is 1042, when it should be 1058. Not to mention it doesn't have the dark brown color i was looking for. Looks like my mill has come out of adjustment, that is the only i can think of that would affect my brew that...
  2. Reddog68

    How long should I lager?

    Hi Yall I brewed my first lager a few weeks ago, and I am wondering if any of you could give me an idea of how long i need to lager. The kegerator is empty, and i am growing thirsty! Here is some info. 10 gal, 5 gal got saflager s23, and the other 5 got 34/70. OG- 1.050, fermented 12 days at...
  3. Reddog68

    Johnson A19 Controller for sale-free shipping

    Hey Amigos, I have a used johnson controller for sale, it is a couple of years old and in good working order. I need a controller that will work a heater, so i am moving up to a Ranco. $40 SOLD
  4. Reddog68

    Help with hop tea

    What's up homies? OK, i am kind of embarrased to admit this, but i forgot to add hops to my last batch of beer i brewed :drunk: Luckily,it was only a five gallon batch. Anyway, anyone out there ever made a hop tea and added it to the fermenter? I can't remember where i read about this, so i...
  5. Reddog68

    Going to Seattle....any recommendations?

    I am traveling to Seattle tomorrow to do some fishing and was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for breweries or restaurants in the area. I have the whole day to kill, so any other activities would be great too! :mug:
  6. Reddog68

    New Crankandstein 2A mill

    Hello everyone, I finally bit the bullet and picked up one of these..... Now I need to fashion a hopper and stand, and i was hoping there were a few of you guys who have already done this. I usually mill about 20 lbs at a time, so i need a pretty big hopper (10lbs?). Any ideas and...
  7. Reddog68

    Cheap and easy mashtun build

    My old mashtun was showing some signs of wear, so i figured it was time to build a new one! I didn't see any threads on rectangular MT builds, so i figured I would document my project for you guys. First order of business was to get a cooler, i got a igloo marine 48 qt--$25 (Walmart). Other...
  8. Reddog68

    German lager recipes anyone?

    .....So i was at my local microbrewery yesterday and my buddy there gave me some yeast, 2 WL So. German lager, and 2 WL oktoberfest lager. Anyone out there have any recipe suggestions? I saw biermunchers oktoberfast ale, but i would like to use pale 2 row for my base (since i already have it)...
  9. Reddog68

    I need some March pump plumbing advice

    Everything was going great in my brewing career, that is, until i bought a pump and installed it on my brewing cart. Something that i thought would streamline my operation (pump,CFC) has instead lengthened my brew day and caused me some headaches.:( In order to run a CFC, i needed a pump, so i...
  10. Reddog68

    Mash temp low, suggestions anyone??

    Hey Y'all, well i am not getting off to a good start here. I have 13lbs of grain in my MT (cooler), and it is at 149 right now, and fading fast. I have already added more strike water than i need, and it can't seem to get the temp up. I am hoping someone out there has a good idea for me!
  11. Reddog68

    Help, should i re-pitch?

    I brewed a brown ale a couple of weeks ago, pitched some Windsor yeast (my first mistake) and watched it go for two days. After two days, it just stopped at 1.017, OG was 1.050. I thought i would leave it alone for awhile, so i just racked it to secondary and it hasn't moved. Am i stuck with...
  12. Reddog68

    Zeus Hops anyone??

    I recieved a care package from a friend of mine in Idaho--2lbs of whole zeus hops, straight from the field. I have never brewed with this variety before, any ideas? Since they came from fields grown for AB, i assume that my best bet is to make a lager with them. I know the AA is on the high...
  13. Reddog68

    Stuck Fermentation??

    Mornin' all. Need a little advice here. Brewed a batch of nut brown ale on Friday, the OG was 1.050. Pitched some dry windsor yeast (no starter) around 5pm and by 10 i could see some activity.....sweeeet:ban:. Bubbled away vigorously all day yesterday, and this morning----nothing. What is up? I...
  14. Reddog68

    Multiple taps with one regulator??

    Hello everyone, just wondering, how many taps can i run off of one regulator? I have a converted full size fridge, and i would like to run two or three taps.
  15. Reddog68

    Brass Vs Stainless fittings

    I am in the process of re-configuring my plumbing on my brew rack. I am wondering--what are the drawbacks of brass fittings? I have a mixture of stainless and brass on my system. All my valves are stainless, but i have some brass quick disconnects that i really like. I guess what i am getting at...
  16. Reddog68

    Re-using yeast from fermenter

    Does any one out there have any experience re-using yeast? I have been wanting to try this for a while, but my local brewmaster told me that it will only stay good in the fridge for a few days. It would be nice if i could keep it longer, like a couple of weeks.