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    Here we go again!

    After the success of my mango wine using frozen concentrate, I've decided to do it again. I went to my local wholesalers yesterday and picked up 40 (12oz) cans of frozen concentrate (minute made). 20 peach, 14 Lime, and 6 Lemon at 68 cents a can. The first batch is pure peach, 17 cans in...
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    Making wine from frozen concentrate

    I've been making wine for almost 3 years now and I'm getting bored with the typical white and red grape kits. My latest kit was a raspberry wine which turned out very tasty. That being said, I'd like to branch off into some more exotic flavors. Money is getting tight with the holidays coming...
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    Wine sweetening question

    I'm not to familiar with the proper process for sweetening wine. Can this be done right before bottling? I was planing to use corn sugar, is this ok? Also will it leave a sediment in the bottles afterwards?
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    More wine kit problems...

    Hi, I'm making two batches of wine at the moment. Chateau Des Terrasses - Viognier (white) Chateau Des Tarrasses - Negroamero (red) The red started off with extremely aggressive fermentation. I needed a blow off tube and everything to contain the mess. Within 5 days it had gone from 1.09...
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    Wine Fermentation Problem... Help

    I've been making wine kits for almost 3 years now. I have about 30 successful batches under my belt and only 1 failure (it tasted like acid) lol. I'm currently doing 2 kits from the Vino Europa Exotic Fruit Collection, Green Apple Riesling and Raspberry Merlot. I started the kits like the...
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    Sweeting wine, when and how?

    My wine is ready for clearing but I'd like to make it sweeter. How do I do this?
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    My fermentation is right out of hand!

    Hello, I'm by no means an expert wine maker, but I've made about 20 wine kits in the past and know a bit about the process. My current batch is throwing me some curve balls. 3 days in, the fermentation was so aggressive that it was bubbling out the air lock and spilling onto the floor. Now...
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    Wine clearing timeframe

    I'm currently making 2 batches of white wine from a kit. I'm about 4 days into the clearing stage. The kit instructions say the clearing should take 2 weeks, then you bottle. At day 4 the wine is already clear. I've made this kit about 8 times already and I know it wont get any clearer...
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    May have screwed up?

    I'm currently making wine from a kit. It's a new kit for me with different instructions that I didn't read closely enough. It says that after 5-7 days transfer into secondary leaving sediment behind. Well I didn't do that cause I'm use to leaving it in primary for around 14 days. Now about...
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    Bottling... finally!

    I'm just getting ready to bottle for the first time using corks. How do you go about softening them. I've herd everything from steaming to soaking and boiling. Any help would be great
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    Wine from scratch

    My buddy at work said he has baskets and baskets of grapes "still on the vine" in his backyard that I'm welcome to have. I was hoping to make some wine with them. I've made several batches using kits but I've never attempted it from scratch. I was wondering how you go about sterilizing...
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    Lost track of time, batch still ok?

    I'm making a batch of Barons Canadian hi-test and I never bothered to mark the progress on my calender. Now I'm afraid I might have messed it up. I started the batch on April 19th. I transferred to secondary on the 28th of April (probably way to late). It's suppose to spend 2 weeks in the...
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    No head

    I'm new to brewing. I've just finished my 3rd batch using kits from Barrons. I've noticed that my beer never seems to have head. Is there a technique or maybe a chemical or something that'll give beer a head? The beer still tastes awesome but its lacking in visual appeal. Not a big...
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    According to my beer kit instructions adding oxygen to the beer must be avoided. However I've read that sometimes people will airate the beer. At what stage in the brewing process does this happen in? What does airating do?
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    Priming sugar

    It just occurred to me that in my last two batches I added the priming sugar minuets after it was boiling hot. Is this a problem? perhaps it should be cooled before adding?:confused:
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    My first batch finished, weak carbonation

    I just completed my first batch. Taking you peoples advice, I decided to add my priming sugar (boiled and liquefied) to the whole batch rather then the more time consuming method of adding sugar to individual bottles. I did the batch with a Barons kit. It gives you 3 choices for carbonation...
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    Getting ready to bottle, Question

    I'm just getting ready to bottle and I'm curious whether to put sugar into each bottle or into the whole batch before bottling? I made a batch with my brother once, and we put the boiled sugar into the whole batch. The end result was some bottles were less carbonated then others. What do...
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    Growing hops for profit

    Me and a friend were considering growing hops. I noticed on Ebay hops generally sell for around $25 CDN per 16oz, sound about right? We have about 650 square feet to work with most of which receives full sunlight. We live in southern Ontario and from what I understand hops can be grown in...
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    Brewing cost question

    I'm new to brewing and was wondering the approximate cost of the raw ingredients to brew a 5 gallon batch vs buying a kit (ie. everything you need grains, hops, yeast ect.) Right now I'm paying around $35 for a 5 gallon (imp gallon) kit. Could I be making beer for alot less money?:confused:
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    Transferring from fermentation bucket to carboy

    I'm using a Barons beer kit and just did the transfer from primary fermentation bucket to glass carboy. Am I suppose to have 1 us gallon of liquid left over? I feel like I did something wrong somewhere. :confused: