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    Where should I go in Germany?

    I'm going to be in Germany for a week in the beginning of April. Does anyone have recommendations for good beer related places to go? I'm going to be in Berlin and Munich at least, but I'm thinking about traveling around small towns in Bavaria. I also speak German, so that helps with the...
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    Perlick faucet stuck on shank

    Has anyone else had this problem? I just got some new Perlick 525SS faucets and these shanks: I put the faucet onto the shank, making sure that the threads were aligned properly, and then tried to tighten the nut all the way...
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    Hop Content of NB's India Pale Ale Kit

    Northern Brewer's India Pale Ale extract kit only calls for 2.5oz of hops: --0.5 oz Summit (60 min) --0.5 oz Kent Goldings (30 min) --1 oz Kent Goldings (15 min) --0.5 oz Kent Goldings (1 min) (See...
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    Great keg cleaning brush

    I went to the store today to get a toilet brush to clean my kegs with. For some reason the idea of putting a toilet brush, no matter how new and clean, into my kegs puts me off a little. When I was looking around I found a much better brush, one that doesn't make me cringe when I use it...
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    Ben's Keezer Build

    After reading a lot of people's keezer build threads I have decided to start my own. I will be updating this thread from time to time as I get time to work on my keezer. So for a long time I have wanted an antique, or at least really classy dark hard wood liquor cabinet. But I have never...
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    Frigidaire 5.0 cu. ft. chest freezer

    Has anyone here used the Frigidaire 5.0 cu. ft. chest freezer for a keezer, or does anyone know what it looks like inside and whether you could put 3 corny's inside plus a CO2 tank?
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    Top hinged Keezer?

    Lately, I've been dreaming up a keezer for my 350 sqft NYC studio apartment. As space is obviously a commodity, the goal is to make it as narrow as possible (basically the width of a chest freezer that can hold three corny kegs and a CO2 tank, with a collar if necessary), with less concern for...
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    Should I dry hop?

    So I was making an Irish Red Ale using the Northern Brewer kit. I added the Willamette hops when the wort began boiling, and then added the Goldings hops 30 minutes later, with the intention to stop boiling after a total of 60 minutes, as usual. But I had a little too much wine and passed out...
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    The appropriate amount of carbonation for a porter

    I will be bottling a london porter soon and I've been thinking about how I want it to turn out. I like my dark beers to be a little warmer when I drink them and with less carbonation, kind of like a cask conditioned ale. Every recipe, including the kit I have, says to put a 2/3rd cup of...
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    Is this normal gunk on top of the secondary? (w/ pics)

    So I racked my first beer, a London Porter kit, after four days of fermentation and reaching the expected final gravity reading. Around day 7 I noticed flat clumps of many pieces of small debris floating on the top of the beer in the secondary (see pics), and they are still there now on day 9...