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    What to do with failures?

    The couple of recent "my mead tastes bad" threads has made me think about what to do with mead projects that end up being disgusting. While this forum is generally postive about the outlook for most batches, there will inevitably be some failures but I figure that tasting revolting shouldn't...
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    Werthers mead

    Someone here mentioned that dissolving some Werthers original for flavouring might be an idea so I gave it a try, topping up with a Werthers solution after stablising the primary, chucking in a camden tablet and racking to a glass vessel. After a few hours a whole load of creamy gunk has...
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    Clearing in the shed

    I've just recently emptied out my shed and am thinking about leaving my secondaries out there to clear. I hear that mead clears better in colder environs but am a bit worried that it might not like constantly changing temperature and it might get too cold. The Brighton climate bottomed out at...
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    Exotic topping off into secondary

    I have a few 3lb tubs of various honeys to do a gallon each and I'm wondering what exciting things I can do with them. I'm thinking I'll just start off the primary as normal, basic mead but then when primary has finished I'll rack to secondary and add a cup or two of something interesting to top...
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    Hello. Inexperienced, incompetent brewer attempting to make inexpensive, interesting mead. First attempt last year was laughable, earning my concoction the title "Death Mead". I should copywrite it. I think it must have gone mouldy, but it might have just been a slow ager. This year...
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    Keeping Barrels Cool

    Hello. New poster etc. I've made one batch of homebrew lager (from kit) which I have cautiously considered to be a success (they are all finished and no-one is dead) and another is on the way. I am a pretty dyed-in-the-wool lager boy and have thus far only considered cold, yellow, fizzy...