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    Please check my gas line set-up

    I have my two regulator bodies and a manifold connected to my 5# co2 like so: co2 === utility reg === ber reg----manifold< 2 kegs I use the utility regulator for cleaning kegs and whatnot. But every time I use it my co2 tank is empty within 24 hours. If I don't use the utility regulator it...
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    Have you tried any AHS quads/BSDAs?

    The three kits I'm looking at are: AHS Belgian Trappist Ale Quadrupel AHS Belgian Abt. 12 AHS Dutch Castle Magic As far as I can tell, they all look pretty similar, can anyone recommend one of these over another, or a similar kit on AHS? Thanks!
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    Boil time for starter?

    I know about the picture with 1/2cup DME + water + 10mins, but I was wondering: if I boil for fewer than 10mins will there be any down side? I have an electric tea kettle, and it will boil 1L water + 1/2cup DME w/ fermcap for ~5-6min without boiling over but by 8 mins or so it is just too hot...
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    Bayou Classic SQ14 Problem?

    I put 5.5 gal into a SS kettle today, took it out into the garage for my first "outside" brew day, and sparked up the SQ14 on full blast at right around 3pm. By 4:30pm the water temp was all the way up to 80 degrees F, and I gave up on getting to brew. I have a regular sized propane tank...
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    Harvested Lambic dregs - now what?

    I put the dregs of a bottle of 3 Fontienen Oude Geuze into a starter last night. How long should I leave it on the stir plate? Is the normal 24hrs good, or will lambic yeasts need longer? Also if anyone has any links to give me tips about what to do with this yeast, I'd really appreciate it.
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    How much to carbonate by style?

    I know, from drinking beer, which styles seem to be more carbonated and which less. But is there a list or a chart that says how many PSI or how many vols of pressure are normal for each style? Because that would be a huge help to me.
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    1Gal + Glass bottles that can take pressure?

    Can anyone recommend some 1Gal or larger glass bottles that are suitable for bottle fermentation?
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    newbie keg question: what is a poppet?

    I'm sure that this will seem incredibly basic, but what is a poppet? I have a ball lock keg, where do I find the poppets?
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    Washing yeast after dry-hopping in primary?

    Are dry-hopping in primary and yeast washing an either-or thing, or can I do both? I tried to do some searches on this, but I didn't have a ton of luck. I could dry hop in another carboy and wash the yeast from this one, but I'd really rather avoid the extra steps if I can. It seems...
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    Tap-A-Draft / Party Pig & Real Ale

    Can anybody give me some advice on using the TAD or a pig with a hand pump for real ale? I'm thinking I'll buy a few extra TAD lids (in case I need extra tries) drill in two holes, use one with an air filter to let pressure in and the other with a line to pull pints. Should be easy. Would you...
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    How long for an extract quad to ferment?

    If I want to drink an extract quad on a certain day, how far ahead of time should I brew it? I know the standard advice is one month in primary, no secondary, but this would be a fairly large beer, so I'm wondering if it would change.
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    didn't bleed o2, now what?

    I kegged up a batch of stout on the 17th, set the PSI according to this chart and have been ignoring it ever since. I figured it should be ready for New Years, and while I'd rather have it for xmas, this would still be great. I didn't flush the keg with co2 first, and I didn't bleed off the...
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    Used scented Oxy-Clean, what now?

    So I filled my carboy up with hot water, put in 3 scoops of oxy-clean, scooted the carboy to a corner to sit for the night, carried the box of oxy-clean to the laundry room when the handle broke, the powder spilled everywhere, and the smell of perfume filled the hall. Super. So now my...
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    Storing beer in a keg

    If your beer is finished fermenting but you don't want to drink it right away, how would you prepare it for long term storage inside a keg? Would you pressurize it only some, or fully carb it, or just seal it up and leave it flat, or? And once you've done whatever it is you would do, how...
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    Another "is it done yet" question

    I brewed the AHS Left Hand Milk Stout clone on 7 Dec (first batch ever), but I put the carboy in too cold of an area, so fermentation didn't really start until the 8th. It never built up a huge krausen, but there was a good two-inch layer of foam on it. That's been falling for 3 days and is...
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    Calculate Cals in beer without Original Gravity?

    I understand how to calculate the calories & ABV in beer with the OG and FG, but what about going backwards, like for a commercial beer? Is it possible to calculate the calories with the FG and ABV alone? Thanks