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    Servomyces in starter?

    I just finished reading Chris White's book, "Yeast" and have been looking into zinc supplementation for yeast growth/metabolism. Sounds like using Servomyces is perhaps the best way to go, except for the expense. In "How to Brew", Palmer states..."Zinc acts as a catalyst and tends to carry...
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    sight glass on MLT?

    I'm about to convert a keg to an MLT. I'm planning to insulate it and direct fire it to preheat water for the mash, collect runnings in a pot and add pre-measured hot water (from my BK) for the sparge. I realize a sight gauge would be slightly useful for the initial water addition, but after...
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    Spectrophotometric method of IBU determination

    Can someone point me to detailed spectrophotometric methodology for IBU determination in finished beer? I've search through the downloadable ASBC files unsuccessfully. Thanks.
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    boiling hops w/beer to increase bitterness

    So I've got a batch of a Celebration Ale clone (Dean Larson's recipe) that is really fruity/estery and lacks the bitterness and hop punch of Celebration. There's probably about 1/4 of the keg left and I'm thinking of experimenting. I've never made hop tea, but I'm thinking of boiling some...
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    American IPA Hop Schedule

    I'd appreciate input on the hop schedule for the following IPA recipe, since it's a lot more complex than any I've done...heavier on the late additions. I'd particularly like to hear if anyone sees obvious problems with the combination or timing of the hops I've got laid out. Of note, I've got...
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    calculation for increasing bitterness in batch

    A guy in the local brewers group just brewed an AG batch that clocked in at 1.094 and 23 ibus. I don't know anything else about the recipe, mash temp, style, etc. He was looking for advice on bumping up the's a 5 gallon batch that went into the primary 2 days ago. I suggested...
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    MrMalty late hopping article: Can someone clarify this statement?

    An article on late hopping on the mrmalty website ( states the following: "High wort pH can emphasize the hop bitterness and result in a harsh bittering perception, so hold off on Burtonizing your water or other similar mineral additions." My...
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    Hydrometer Calibration Q's

    I've come to the conclusion that my hydrometer is off by a couple of points, so want to figure out how to be more accurate with what I have (i.e. I'm not going to shell out for a $75 pro set) 1. Everything I've come across for calibrating your hydrometer suggests to calibrate it using...
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    Help...keg top leaking w/fishing line f/dry hops

    So, I'm giving dry hopping in the keg for the first time using a 3" tea ball. Tied a piece of fishing line on the ball and ran it out through the lid as I've read described here. Fairly thin line; 6# test. Of course, no problems with leaks during my test run earlier today. But just racked...
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    pH stability of wort

    not sure if this qualifies as "brew science", but thought i'd post here first. does any one know how long pH will remain stable in a wort sample? i have access to accurate pH meters at work and was wondering whether i can collect samples of wort during various stages of the mash/sparge...
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    improving burner/keggle heating efficiency...

    Any simple tips on improved efficiency for heating a keggle in cold weather? I'm using a SQ-14 for a burner and doing 5 gallon batches...seems to take considerably longer when it's at freezing or below (which is more often than not these days!). I don't want to get extravagant and spend a...
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    question for metallurgists (re:stainless steel and toxic binding)

    Can stainless steel harbor toxic chemicals and the like, if it has been exposed to such? I've been on the lookout for a large stainless steel sink for a mash tun and have finally located one. It is an old sink and was employed in a biochemistry lab in a previous life, so who knows what it...
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    sight glass and thermometer fittings vs. combo

    Are there pros/cons to going with a combination thermometer/sight glass versus seperate fittings in a keggle? I'm planning on having couplers welded in. I assume the former is less expensive overall, due to less holes and fittings. Is there a disadvantage to the combo set up??
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    Immersion chiller water inlet

    What's the conventional wisdom regarding plumbing an immersion chiller? Should the cold water enter the top of the coil or the bottom? It seems to me it would be more efficient to have the cold water come in the top and exit the bottom, but wonder what others think (or know). Thanks.
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    Cry Havoc for California Common?

    Has anyone used White Labs Cry Havoc (the Papazian strain) in a steam beer/california common? Someone gave me an out of date vial of it and I'm thinking of using it for this instead of the yeast I usually use (i.e. San Francisco Lager). Seems like it'd do the job, based on its performance...
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    should let this keg warm up?

    i recently brewed an APA loosely based on Ed Wort's Haus Pale. Essentially the same grain bill, but slightly higher OG (around 1.055) and IBUs (around 42 ibus;used Columbus for bittering, which is a new one for me) After 2.5 weeks in primary, i racked to keg, chilled and force carbed. it's...
  17. B flaked barley

    I am about to brew up Ed Wort's porter recipe which calls for 1/2# of flaked barley. I was certain I had some in stock, but it turns out not. No turning back now, though, so I'll have to modify. If not familiar w/the recipe, it calls for a mash temp of 150 and 8 oz malto dextrin to add body...
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    amylase in the secondary?

    someone in the local brewers group has an imperial stout that started at 1.098 and is sitting at 1.035. dark extract batch (with specialty malts; no additional crystal) and fermented with wyeast scottish ale yeast. he's moved it to a secondary and is wondering if amylase will help effect...
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    keg dryhop questions??

    I just brewed an APA along the following lines: Marris Otter base malt 1/2 lb Victory 1/2 lb 40L crystal 3/4 lb light munich 1/4 lb carapils Bittered with Columbus (0.8 oz) Several hop additions between 20 min to flameout with Amarillo (total of 2 oz) OG - 1.055 39 IBUs...
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    1/2 inch NPT thermometer

    Any recommendations? Need one for the keggle, HLT, and MLT. Thanks.