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    first real beer batch

    Hello, today i bottled my first batch with my father. We used san star in the two fermenters and we took each bottle and filled it up with the water inside the fermenter shook it inside the bottles and dumped the water back into the fermenter. My question is, there were a lot of bubbles when...
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    need some help

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    Huge Problem

    i planted some rhizomes last year they are growning back, but the names of them are gone. I do not have anything written anywhere, so how do I know which hops are which?
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    I may need help!

    Question about my brew we put it in the primary Sunday and it was perking all day yesterday and seems to have stopped today??? The brew is a Witbier, any comments or help would be great. Thanks
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    I just brewed a Witbier, since it will be cloudy by nature is a secondary necessary?
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    brewers best

    are these brew kits good?
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    Does anyone here know a good chicha recipe???
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    make the cider a little sweeter

    What other yeasts can be used to make mt cider sweeter
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    Hard Cider recipe

    I am looking for the Edworts Apfelwien recipe can anyone help please
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    I am sanitizing bottles for some hard cider, which we will drink tonight. I was wondering will the sanitizer affect the way my cider will taste?
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    about to bottle my cider

    It has been fermenting for 3 months for the most part it is clear but i notice a little bit of cloudiness floating around in there is this normal?
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    San star and bottles

    what a good way to sanitize bottles using this stuff? can it be mixed with water?
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    need some help

    I am currently making some hard cider, this is my first batch ever. It has been in the primary for almost 2 months and I am almost ready to bottle it. I bought some priming sugar to carbonate it a little bit as well. My questions are after i boil the sugar in some water and mix the two in...
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    Another Hard Cider question

    I just bought some priming sugar and i was wondering how i add this. do i add it to the primary? also how long do I wait to bottle after it is added? thanks
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    cider going on 5th week but still slite bubbles?

    My cider is 5 gallons, but we used caine sugar instead of dextrose, is this the reason it taking so long to ferment? It is almost done I'd say less than a week.
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    cloudy cider

    Just wondering when it is supposed to clear up, it’s going on its 3rd week and the fermentation is slowing down as well.
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    Easy Beer Recipe

    Can someone please give me a real nice easy step by step recipe for a first time brewing without a beer kit please???? I have everything for a pumpkin spice but we figured that is a little advanced.
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    When I am ready to rack

    When I am ready to bottle and rack my cider, can I take the cap off of the carboy and just siphon from there or is there a certain method I should follow??????
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    Took a look at my cider today.

    It is very cloudy with a bunch of bubbles at work, looks sort of fizzy like pop. Is this normal? Also the vodka in the air lock is bubbling so hopefully this means its working. Sorry if this question seems stupid, I am a newbie and this is my first batch of anything.
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    How come some yeasts are liquid and some are not, whats the difference?