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    Speidel Thermowell

    I wanted to add a thermowell to my Speidel Fermenter, but couldn't figure out how. It finally occurred to me...just run it through a grommet. A 39 cent grommet from the hardware store worked like a charm!
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    Don't Rehydrate Dry, and Don't Aerate Liquid Yeast?

    Has this video been discussed here? Thoughts?
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    OYL-052 and diacetyl

    I'm thinking about using OYL-052 for an IPA, but have a concern. The Omega folks indicate this yeast "May produce some diacetyl". Has anyone run into this? Will lower fermentation temps (e.g. 65-66) prevent diacetyl? Do you ramp up to low 70's toward the end of fermentation? Thanks.
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    Hop Spider Questions

    I've used a hop spider with a nylon bag, and have also tried a stainless steel one. Both worked fine...mostly. I have two questions though. 1. Do hop spiders reduce IBU's/flavor, particularly for late additions? 2. What's the best way to handle the wort in the hop spider at the end of the...
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    Adding Cold Steep Liquid

    I plan to do an overnight cold steep with 5 oz. of Chocolate Malt, and then add that liquid during the last few minutes of the boil (5 gal. Batch). I know that pH generally drops a bit at each stage of the brewing process (mash, boil, fermentation). I assume that adding the steep liquid will...
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    Interesting Article on Hop Flavor & Aroma It's an interesting read. One question though...would waiting 90 minutes after flameout to begin chilling pose a risk in homebrewing? At what temps do we...
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    Quick Bru'nWater Question

    I'm trying to use a Calcium Chloride solution for the first time and want to make sure I have this right. My solution has a measured SG of 1.090. According to Bru'nWater's calculator, this equals 9.9 %w/w. On the adjustment summary page, it indicates I need 14 grams of solution for 8 gallons...
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    Making Calcium Chloride Solution

    OK, I know this is a ridiculously simple process for many of you, but this little video helped me understand what's involved. So, for my fellow non-scientists....
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    Brulosophy Grain Crush Comparison

    ICYMI, there was a recent comparison of course vs. fine grain crush done by Brulosophy. Surprisingly, the crush type had no apparent effect on OG. It's an interesting finding that runs counter to what many of us BIAB'ers would predict. Any reactions...
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    Water for Belgian Dubbel

    I'd like to brew the "Black Scapular Dubbel" from "Brewing Classic Styles". I could use some help, though, with the water. I brew with 100% RO and use Bru'nWater. Could someone suggest a good target profile for this beer? A second related question. I've tried to figure additions based on the...
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    Cord Lock on Bag Drawstring

    I have a Wilser bag with many brew sessions on it, and it's still good as new. When I recently got a second pot, it was time for a second Wilser bag. The new bag came with a cord lock on the drawstring that holds the bag on the pot rim. Ingenius! I've since added a cord lock to the old bag...
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    Mostly Suspended

    I use a pulley to raise my bag above the brew pot, and let the bag drain while bringing the wort to a boil. For most of the draining, I keep the bottom inch or so of the bag below the surface of the wort. After 10 minutes or so, I raise it just above the wort. I'm doing this to minimize...
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    Water Profile for ESB

    I enjoy using Bru'nWater, but am sometimes uncertain about target water profiles. Any suggestions about the profile to select for an an ESB? Thanks.
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    Acidulated Malt vs Lactic

    Any thoughts on the use of Acid Malt vs Lactic Acid to lower mash pH? I wonder if using lactic acid might have a more predictable result (ie. Acid malt might vary slightly batch to batch). That's based on nothing more than a hunch though, so I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts.
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    Monitoring Temperature During Fermentation

    I've done a lot of brewing but only recently began using a temp probe and heat wrap to control fermentation temps. On an ale that's currently fermenting, there's no need to add heat. My basement is at 64 degrees and the temp in the fermenter was 71 early during fermentation. After two weeks...
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    Choosing Aeration Equipment

    I'm going to give aeration a try using an oxygen tank and have a couple of questions. 1. I see I can choose between a .5 and a 2 micron stone. Is either size OK? 2. What's the advantage of the stone/rod setup over a stone that attaches directly to a plastic tube? Is the rod worth the extra...
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    Bru'nWater Profile for Hefeweizen

    Is the "yellow balanced" profile OK, or should I use something else? Many thanks!
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    Fifteen Year Old Amber

    In the recesses of my beer closet, I found a bottle of beer I brewed in 2001. I thought you folks might be interested in the fact that the beer was still nicely carbonated after 15 years. That quite a testament to how well caps seal! The beer actually tasted fairly good. It's obviously WAY...
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    FermWrap on Fermenter with Ridges

    I'm using a FermWrap and temp controller for the first time. It's working great on my glass fermenter with smooth sides. Will it work on a glass fermenter with ridges on the side? How about on a plastic fermenter with ridges, like a big mouth bubbler? Thanks.
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    No Need to Aerate?

    This surprised me. On Danstar's website, in a Q&A section, they make the point that there's no need to aerate the wort when using dry yeast. Any of you guys just pitch without aerating?