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    Simplifying the skeeter pee recipe

    I made a small batch of this once before without any problems, only difference is i used a fermentation stopper and fining agents. This time I will make it even more simple and would love to hear any opinions on what I could do differently, keeping within my concept of minimal ingredients...
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    50+ bottles of stinky fart water!

    Over the last month or two I've been collecting plastic beer bottles to use for future batches. I filled them all with tap water after I drank the beer so that nothing could dry and stick to the inside of them as I don't have the equipment to clean very well.... Well I just opened a few to...
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    Stopping Fermentation?

    I know it may not be ideal, but I am wondering how effective using only potasium sorbate (wine stabiliser) to stop a fermentation? Specifically on lemon wine/fruit wines? My plan is to brew a 20L batch to around 10% with wine yeast, then drop the 4g packet of sorbate in and sweeten in the bottle...
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    Half batch

    I want to make 10L cider in a 23L bucket using 10L of high quality supermarket juice without any unwanted preservatives and add around 800g white sugar to increase it to aproximately 10%ABV using wine yeast. Does this all sound like it would be fine? I am a bit worried about having too much...
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    10% sugar juice produces 6% ABV?

    Just want to double check that this is right because I was expecting quite a bit lower. The juice I plan to use says it is 10g sugar per 100ml, I put this into a calculator and it came out at 6%! That is a lot! And I was planning to add extra table sugar to get it up to around that amount. Are...
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    Strong beer/Ice beer

    So I am a massive fan of strong beers, especially Belgian style, I also tried a few ice beers lately (eg. Schneiderweisse Eisbock from Germany) which were also amazing and now I'm thinking what I could possibly do to make my own strong beer. Either by increasing sugar, decreasing water, freeze...
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    Red wine still bubbling after 11 days

    I have a cheap S type airlock and when it first started it was bubbling every 5-10 seconds, big clusters of bubbles which actually blew out some of the airlock water. After 4 days it was down to around 15 seconds, then 20 seconds and now I think its around 30 seconds between clusters but it is...
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    Any way to quieten an airlock?

    I live in a studio flat so I have to sleep where I brew (or brew where I sleep? :)) But the airlock is so damn loud, I know that's a good thing for the brew but my girlfriend is not happy, every 10 seconds blobloblob. Any tips on making it a bit quieter? This is the airlock I have...
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    Skeeter Pee (lemon wine) failing?

    While making a new batch of wine I decided to put a few small splashes of the yeast starter into a liter of lemonade and make a mini trial of Skeeter Pee. I used 150ml 100% lemon juice from concentrate, 175mg sugar and 700ml water (roughly). Unfortunately I don't have much equipment now so it...
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    Yeast starter/expired yeast

    I have a canned wine kit ( that passed its best before date about a year ago but I've heard some people still brew them and as long as I can get the yeast to start it should be fine. Anyone have...
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    Making ice beer (eisbock, etc.)

    I just tried one of the best beers I've ever tasted, the Scheider Aventinus Eisbock ( and after reading the story that it was discovered accidently when regular Aventinus froze during transport it got me thinking... Could I...
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    Makeshift Fermenter

    I'm just wondering if there is any way to use a wide open container that doesn't have an airtight lid as a fermenter somehow? I'm on a budget of close to nothing and just wanna make a 10l skeeter pee brew but struggling to find anything for free or cheap here in Germany. Any suggestions?
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    Simple brews for an amature?

    Hey, I've brewed a few wines and beers in the past, although lately don't have much time and currently have no equipment at all! But I found a packet of wine yeast and thinking what to do with it. I've always wanted to try a skeeter pee (lemon wine) and just wondering if this could be done...
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    Strange brown gunk in cap?

    I just opened a beer I bottled a few weeks ago, and found strange brown pasty stuff in the cap and the inside of the rim of the bottle. None of the other bottles in the batch (or any of my batches) were like this so far. It didn't smell bad, the beer when poured was perfectly clear but the...
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    Cleaning Old Wine Bottles?

    I have a load of old wine bottles that have been left on the shelf, not properly rinsed and completely open for the air to dry on anything that was left in the bottom of the bottle. Is there any easy way to clean these without any special equipment? I was thinking some boiling water and a little...
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    Fermentation isn't starting! :(

    I just tried to make a batch of rose from a kit I bought at wilkos, but its been 4 days since I pitched the yeast and the fermentation is not starting!!! I really have no idea why as the current temp is 27*C it should be going crazy! (kit says up to 30*C is ok) The only 2 things that I can...
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    What is going on???

    I just tried to make a 30 bottle wine kit (similar to this one: I followed the instructions perfectly, added 3.5kg sugar to 2lt boiling water and waited until it was completely dissolved...
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    Low carbonation :(

    I've bottle 3 batches so far, and in all 3 I have had extremely low carbonation :( I've tried using up to double the amount of sugar, Ive tried using a secondary to mix the sugar in, I just dont get it.... The things that might be unique in my brewing are that I only use soda bottles (I dont...
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    Cooling from 35*C without a fridge??

    The summer where I live has an average temp of around 35*C (generally between 30 and 40*C), I would buy an old fridge but I'm planning to move to South America in 4 months so its just not worth it. I managed to find a small children's paddling pool (60cm diameter) and last month tried a...
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    What is sediment?

    Bit of a newbie question but was curious and want to understand things a little better but what is sediment made from and why does it always occur in beer/wine making? Also how does it affect taste and other stuff if it gets stirred into your beer?