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    2 ssr 1 pid

    Will this work using a pid and a switch to go from 220v to 110v on element? I will auto tune on 110v.
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    BIAB build help

    What I have done is I put 2 3kw elements in a 13 gal pot. I was wondering if I should have a switch to change to 110v on elements during mashing. Now I have food grade pump twice the size of the regular chugger pumps to cycle wort through chiller and back into pot until it reaches desired temp...
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    ssr and variable ssr

    I'm wanting to use a variable relay with pot. But also have ssr wired to variable relay. I'm going to have a switch that I can switch between relays. Can I do this wont the variable relay come on full when the other relay shorts across the pot side of variable relay?
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    220V 50HZ pump motor

    Will 220v 50hz Chinese pump motor work on US 220v 60hz?
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    breaker and estop

    How do you wire this to manually kick with estop switch.
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    mounting mypin td4

    What is best way to mount these? The plastic rail locks don't hold very well.
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    pid with auto heat levels

    What I'm wanting to do is have different temp for preset times. What pid can do this or pid and timer? Thanks
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    NTC 10K Temperature Sensor Probe

    Will this probe work on TD4 PID? Thanks
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    Pid mounting

    Which pid has the best mounting supports. Most I have used have plastic inserts to hold them and they don't work very well. I have seen some that actually have a socket mounted that the pid can be removed. Does anyone know where to get those reasonable priced or a better mounting? Thanks
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    Best PID for mash fermeter

    I'm building a unit and would like the pids to be able to pull out of mounted socket. I need one for mash then one for my refig on fermenter. The refrigerator needs to be on off.
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    Difference PT100 and K probe

    I know K has 2 wires and PT100 has 3. But is one better than other?
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    Bimetallic thermostats

    Is there some reason we are using Mypin's with fuzzy logic over Bimetallic thermostats?
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    US 220V and European 220v

    Will our controllers that we are using Mypin setup for US 220V work on European 220v.
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    Temperature Controllers which is best

    We are building a unit and want to use the best controller in them. I wanting to see what peoples experiences have been. Thanks
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    Mypin ta4 alarm circuit

    Is it just a relay or can it be set to output voltage?
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    New project brew kettle,mash tun,hot water tank.on one platform

    Wanted to run this by everyone to hear there input. This is brew kettle,mash tun,hot water tank.on one platform. We are going to produce in a 10gal 50L and 20gal 100L size to start with. We are adding a chiller to unit. We originally had chiller on fermentor but we changing it to unit so people...
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    PID and Variable Relay

    Why would you not want your PIN hooked to be able to control element voltage and temp. I'm wondering if a manual control relay in line would be a good thing.
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    5500 watt 12ga wire?

    Can someone explain to me why I have used 6 ft 12ga cords on 5500 watt elements and internal short wires. And have no problems with wire over heating. Wire must be rated for amps at long runs. I know I need to run heaver gauge on long runs. But it doesn't seem so on short runs.
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    Pid or manually apply power

    What is best way to wire a PID to keep temperature stable or can be manually controlled (infinite control) to apply desired power. I'm wanting to do this for one element.
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    variable solid state relay

    How does the relay work on resistance.