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    Cooper's Carbonation Drops

    Anyone used 'em? If so how did they work? And, does anyone know enough about them to confirm whether or not actual yeast needs to be present in the beverage for them to work correctly? Backstory: I'm going to attempt a Rootbeer Brew to satisfy the clutch of my friends who don't partake of...
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    Bottle Conditioning Temps

    When bottle conditioning my beer should I do so at the same temp as fermentation (single stage) or secondary/lagering temp, or at a different temp?
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    StarSan bubbles and such

    So I know not to "fear the foam" but how much residual foam is too much foam in the Carboy? I'm worried about my yeast.
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    On agitating the brew...?

    I'm curious, mostly worried haha, but is it alright, a good, or bad idea to continue to agitate the brew during primary fermentation?
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    On the cleaninh of carboys...

    So I have some hard to get at gunk on the inside(duh) of my Carboy. How the heck do I get it out?
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    Swing Tops?

    I am hoping to bottle my first ever home brew this week (Wednesday) and I've got about twelve 16oz swing top bottles with the tops. Are there any special considerations for using these in the bottling process?! As a quick unrelated question, I brewed Wednesday of last week. I'm not seeing...