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    First Time Grower, Need Some Trellis Advice

    Hello, I'm a first time grower, I made the mistake of buying 4 hop plants which are all different varieties (1 cascade, 3 other new zealand varieties) and now I'm frantically trying to set up a garden that'll will be their home for say 5 years to come. My initial plan is to ground screw a 4m...
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    Can I grow hops in pots?

    Hello! I'm keen to get 3 or 4 hops going in the back yard, but would hate to leave the guys when I move house, so I was wondering if I could pot them? Then take them to their new homes in one or two years after a harvest? I'm in a grow zone between 9 and 10. Are my dreams of becoming a hop...
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    Where do I Start?

    Hello, I'm a little overwhelmed looking at getting into the automation side of brewing. So my question is where do I start? Below are my goals so hopefully you guys can advise where I can start, what gear to buy and how to plan my build. 1. I want a modular system with wifi capability so...
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    Plastic Taste From CO2/CO2 Lines?

    Hello! I've just started getting my kegging equipment together. I've got all the pieces, I've stuck the collar on my freezer and got some CO2. I drink a few litres of Sparkling water a week so I bought a carbonation cap to carb my own from now on. I carbed up the first bottle yesterday, I got...