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    HANNA Ph Meter

    I want to get a PH meter, but I don't have a lot of money to spend. has anybody ever used this if so: did it work well? was it accurate? is it just going to break and i will wish...
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    Mashing with distilled water

    Hello, Sorry if this topic has been brought up already. If it has just link me. I live in a city where I really don't like the taste of the water, too much chlorine and floride. So I've been brewing with distilled water. So far my results have been decent flavor wise, but I feel I am not...
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    Using fresh fruit without infection?

    So I was hanging out with one of the writers for Beer Magazine, a so cal monthly. and He gave me a taste of his blackberry saison. it was amazing. He told me he used fresh blackberries right off the bush in the secondary. So I was thinking, how do I use fresh fruit in a secondary fermentation...
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    Easy home temp control

    Ok. So I'm pretty new. I started my brewing experience with a ton of research and reading. And the last 3 or 4 beers I've done I have been really happy with. But they still have that "homebrewy" flavor. I always ferment at room temp, we try to meep the house around 68. And I have decided based...
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    Strubbe's ipa, anyone have a nice clone?

    Want a 5 gallon all grain clone. Live this ipa
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    Great Lakes Hops

    I just want to say that these people are awesome. I operate a small family farm in Sacramento CA, And we wanted to buy some hops. GLH was super helpful and sent us 50 plants with an extra of each variety just incase. A few weeks later about 4 of my chinooks had dried up completely, all the...
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    Selling a beer? Utopia

    Are we allowed to sell bottles on this forum. It's not commercial. I came cross a 2009 utopia still sealed, aged in a cool environment, still in the box, and I was hoping to sell it on here but wanted to make see that was ok first.
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    Starting a yard in sacramento

    Just got my plants from Great Lakes Hops out of Michigan. Hopefully get them in the ground today and tomorrow if not they will be potted until I can work some more of the soil on our property. Starting out with chinook, nugget, and cascade. 20 plants of each. Also starting with cultivated...