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    Nut flavour in beer

    I believe "nutty" flavors are only from malt. Adding nuts (or nut extracts, which I never thought of) cant really do much, as far as I know. The term "nutty" is just the closest association of the flavor to our language. Like, "wet cardboard" doesnt mean someone added wet cardboard to the mash...
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    Whoa don't know how this happened.

    Brew assistant?......... Thats nice of you. I was always called a brew bitch!
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    Stuck Fermentation

    Ive had a barleywine in primary for at least a month, and I cannot get down my final gravity. OG- 1.092 FG- 1.031 Im using Wyeast 1028 London Ale, which should have about 76% apparent attenuation. Ive got 2 packs of Nottingham dry yeast? Should I pitch those packs? Make a starter, pitch...
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    Wheat/Rye/Corn combo?

    I think the corn is unnecessary. Its only going to lighten the body.
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    I just got 6#s of Carared malt for a Irish red. Anybody use this before? Its the first Ive ever heard of it. Tell me what you think of it.
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    Your last beer before you die??

    A three year old barleywine... or 3 three yr old barleywine. Just in case my death will be painful.
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    Use For Spent Grains?

    Critters and bugs like the grains because of the sugar. If you live in the city, I wouldnt keep them. Especially hops, they can kill dogs (and Im assuming other animals) if ingested. Find a farm with horses or pigs, animals LOVE the spent grains! But, in the city, dont keep them.
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    Reverse Osmosis Water for all grain brewing

    I believe 5.2-5.5 is a good pH throughout brewing.
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    First AG and fruit none-the-less...please help if you can.

    I have heard many times that fruit brewers never put enough in. So, I say, 5# is good! Always try to overdo it. When you make a fruit beer, you want the fruit to be noticable.
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    Crazy Fermentation!

    So, my barleywine was brewed yesterday, with an OG of 92 (wanted 100 or more, but I opted for second runnings). Anyway, I woke up this morning to a HUGE and vigorous fermentation. I put it in a warmer area to help it get going, but now it has been fermenting at 78degrees and I cant get it down...
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    Dryhopping a Barleywine?

    A barleywine is so alcoholic, you neednt worry about sanitation as much. But yes, dry hop that bad boy.
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    Hops in the mash?

    Sounds like someone actually NEEEEDS a hop transducer... cant get punchier and fresh aroma than beer poured through one of those.
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    Chinook + Cascade + ?? = ??(grapefruit?)

    I dry-hopped with 2 oz cascade and normal, or bad beer drinkers, said it tasted like grapefruit juice. I used the freshest hops ever! It was grand.... now its gone.
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    Comments on a Scottish 80/-

    I now figure this is WAAAY to much roasted barley. Ill cut it down to 2% definitely. As for the hops at 15 minutes, it defeats the purpose of a scottish: ALL MALT. Mmmmmm.:ban:
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    Comments on a Scottish 80/-

    So, Im brewing a Scottish 80/- and heres what Ive come up with: (comments if you have any) 10 Gallon Batch OG: 1.054 IBU: 23 Efficiency: 85% Boil: 90 Minutes Malt: Pale Ale Malt (Britain)-- 10 Lbs Pale Malt (America)-- 6.50 Lbs Roasted Barley (Britain)-- .50 Lbs Munich...
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    Second AG Batch First Decocition

    My only concern for you is this- one shouldnt decoct English and American malts, especially those used for pale ales and what not. The reason is, these are modified better than the Continental European malts, which needed the decoction to help it along. In the english malts, there are proteins...
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    How about an HBT lawnmower beer recipe?

    American cream ale. THATS a lawnmower beer!
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    The AG Fantasy

    Its a hobby, and all grain is just more fun if you can give more time. Yes, it is cheaper in the long run, and you have COMPLETE control. But, the difference comes in how far you want your hobby to go. Have fun day dreaming! :mug:
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    Pin Lock Vs. Ball Lock

    MOST people use ball-locks. It is easier to use, since you ont need a special tool to unscrew the valves, AND stores will sooner supply ball-lock valve equipment before pin locks. When you go to a contest or something, you'll find that about 90 percent of people are ball-lockers.
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    Cornelius Kegs

    Im wondering what the median price people have spent on Corny kegs. I need some for this year, and Im wondering if anyone has any secrets to getting the best deal on corny kegs. I will always get used, and if need be refurbish it myself. But does anyone go to a restaurant or soda factory to see...