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    Stuck Fermentation

    Ive had a barleywine in primary for at least a month, and I cannot get down my final gravity. OG- 1.092 FG- 1.031 Im using Wyeast 1028 London Ale, which should have about 76% apparent attenuation. Ive got 2 packs of Nottingham dry yeast? Should I pitch those packs? Make a starter, pitch...
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    I just got 6#s of Carared malt for a Irish red. Anybody use this before? Its the first Ive ever heard of it. Tell me what you think of it.
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    Crazy Fermentation!

    So, my barleywine was brewed yesterday, with an OG of 92 (wanted 100 or more, but I opted for second runnings). Anyway, I woke up this morning to a HUGE and vigorous fermentation. I put it in a warmer area to help it get going, but now it has been fermenting at 78degrees and I cant get it down...
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    Comments on a Scottish 80/-

    So, Im brewing a Scottish 80/- and heres what Ive come up with: (comments if you have any) 10 Gallon Batch OG: 1.054 IBU: 23 Efficiency: 85% Boil: 90 Minutes Malt: Pale Ale Malt (Britain)-- 10 Lbs Pale Malt (America)-- 6.50 Lbs Roasted Barley (Britain)-- .50 Lbs Munich...
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    Cornelius Kegs

    Im wondering what the median price people have spent on Corny kegs. I need some for this year, and Im wondering if anyone has any secrets to getting the best deal on corny kegs. I will always get used, and if need be refurbish it myself. But does anyone go to a restaurant or soda factory to see...
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    Tips On Dry-Hopping

    So, I re-used some bad yeast on a second batch (I didnt know it was bad til after the fact) of beer. This yeast was conatiminated by wild yeast and had the marker/hospital phenols associated with it. By the time my second batch hit secondary, I knew I had to cover up the infection... with dry...
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    Ive just tapped my corney keg full of pale ale, which I dry hopped in secondary before kegging (with pellet). Well, as I go for my beer, nothing comes out. Its carbonated, pressurized, and nothing. So, I unscrew the in-line, and take it off, and a bunch of hops are spilling out (along with a lot...
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    Equipment prices

    I really want a chest freezer, but they are all soooo bloody expensive. (for lager/kegs usage) Anyone out there know of a cheap brand? I just go around stores and look for damaged ones, but no dice. What do you all use for lagering temp. and keg storage? Also, is it more cost worthy to...
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    A SWEET Idea

    I just met a guy who has a sweet idea, if you like putting in one more cost to save time. Here it is: Ferment in plastice buckets, but line the buckets with FOOD GRADE plastic bags. Then, when you rack your beer, just pick it up, and throw it away. No clean up. I hear the bags may be a...
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    In Reference to "Gravity points first runnings vs sparge runnings"

    Im just wondering about people taking gravity readings while sparging to the kettle. I just fill up my mash tun, run my mash schedule, and when I sparge the wort to the kettle, I just let it get to however many gallons I need. I do 10 gallon batches, so I need about 12 or 13 gallons to come out...
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    Mash Rest Temperatures

    We all know that in mashing English malt and such, one does a single infusion mash somewhere b/t 149 deg-158 deg. But for lagers, and European beers, there are all sorts of rests, times, and different ways of doing it. Will anyone tell me a good resource to read, or just go ahead and explain it...
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    Brewpot Preferences

    Im in the market for a 15 gallon stainless steel brewpot. But I find that the aluminum sandwich bottomed ones, for even heat distribution, are way more expensive. Anyone have a preference for brewpots? Without the even heat distribution, one has to worry about scorching the wort. Tell me your...