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    Beer Smith Volume Question

    I thought I had the volumes in Beer Smith figured out then I got thrown for a loop today. Here's two ways of setting up the volumes...The first has me leaving 0.5gal in the boil kettle and leaving 0.5gal in the fermenter since this is going in my 3 gal keg. The second has me transferring it all...
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    Rice Hulls

    It took me 48 batches to finally try rice hauls. I used them in an IPA that had 1lb of oats, not a lot and haven’t had stuck sparges with this recipe in the past but thought I’d give em a whirl. I added .5lbs and wow, what a difference. My wort ran clear quicker, flowed much more freely and I...
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    Growler options

    So I won free beer for a year from a local brewery. The deal is one growler per month for one year, so I’m looking at 12 free growler fills. They’ll supply a typical glass jug style growler but I’m thinking about making an investment into a nicer growler that won’t require me to drink it all in...
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    Bottle conditioning gurus, I have a question.

    I just kegged a Tripel that will be transferred into a barrel project and aged for about a year. I had some extra beer so I put it into a couple of 16oz flip tops with 0.1oz sugar each to reach about 3.0vol. The only problem is the second bottle only got about 12oz which should yield about...
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    Best beer drinking tool ever!

    An add for this just popped up on this very site. Only 2 seconds to down 24 ounces of that beer you worked so hard to make. WTF? Wrong audience bro.
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    Dead yeast

    last night I built a starter for a brew I’m doing on Sunday. It’s a big one so I was planning on stepping it up today. When I checked on it this morning nothing had changed. Gravity is the same, no Krausen and when I turn off the stir plate no yeast settles. This is the second time this has...
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    Barley Wine Starter

    I'm planning a Barley Wine and have read a lot about huge starters, which makes sense. I have two 2L flasks I can use or I can make a starter brew. Never done stepped starters or reused a yeast cake. Conventional - I'm thinking do a 1.8L, decant, split the yeast then step up the two...
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    diminishing carbonation

    A guy I work with got a cider kit as a gift and a few weeks ago he bottled. He said he's pretty happy with the end product but noted that the carbonation seemed to die down pretty quickly once he put it in a glass. He gave me two but I haven't tried em yet. Any thoughts on why a cider would...
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    Rebuilding a taprite regulator

    I picked up an older (manufactured in 2006) taprite regulator from a friend that's leaking at certain pressures. I disassembled it and found a rebuild kit online, what are people's experiences with rebuilding these? Do they generally hold pressure after a rebuild or is it a crapshoot? There is...
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    keezer heater options

    I bit the bullet today and bought another chest freezer to use as a ferm chamber. The bin of water and aquarium heater/ frozen water bottles work great but it's a bit of the pain in the ass and on days like to today I can't get them below about 75 degrees without some help from refrigeration...
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    Campaign for Real IPA (CAMRIPA?)

    I've tried but I just can't drink New England IPAs. I gave them a fair shot but they taste like fruit juice. Now I know that's kinda the point but I prefer my beer to actually taste and look like beer. The NEIPAs I've had weren't bad, they just weren't refreshing like a beer should be, it was...
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    ISO-alpha acids

    so what’s the general consensus? Are all iso alpha acids created equal? I got an email today from AHA with a link to their big brew day recipes. The dry stout has three different hops added at 60 minutes. I’ve always read that none of the hop character survives the boil, just the isomerized...
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    Blending Homebrew

    I’ve never tried blending my beers before but I currently have a stout and a citra pale ale on tap so I gave it a shot. The end product was surprisingly good! I know stouts and pale ales are nothing new (black and tan) but it’s new for me. The stout didn’t have a good crush and while all the...
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    Is it a sign I did a bad job?

    I bent and cut some tube for a guy at work for a bumper on his truck. Last night he dropped off a 24 of bud light. I’d normally take that as an insult but in all fairness I don’t think he knows the stuff that’s not in a Blue or silver can at the liquor store is actually beer.
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    Super low RA

    I'm working on a American Pale Ale that will be brewed with only MO and just a touch of Flaked Oats. In order to get my pH down to 5.3 without the use of acid I'm looking at an Ra of -87. Is there any reason to add baking soda to bring my bicarbonate and in turn Ra up then add acid to bring my...
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    Can we all agree this is a good pumpkin beer?

    Not claiming to be a good artist but I probably would have been better if I wasn't a few beers in when I got the idea. Next year it'll be even better.
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    Post op Netflix

    Just had a vasectomy so I'm laid up all weekend. Unfortunately Netflix's rotates their on demand movie selection so past posts on this are outdated. Looking for advice on brewing shows or good comedies that are currently available.
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    Post op Netflix

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    Coffe Stout question.

    I brewed Yoopers Oatmeal Stout for my mom for her Birthday. She likes coffee stouts and absolutely loves coffe. She's a fan of Starbucks, but only the straight nasty thick black stuff. I hate coffee and generally will grab something other than a Stout, though I can appreciate a good one. So...
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    Keeping a hefe a hefe.

    I keg all my beer. I'm about a half dozen pints into my latest hefeweizen and am already dreading about a week from today. About 1.5 to 2 weeks in it'll be crystal clear. My hefes start out perfectly cloudy but always end up a krystalweizen, not a hefeweizen. I've tried to swirl the keg but just...