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  1. steelerguy

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Just do it with some apple and cherry wood. :)
  2. steelerguy

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Oh damn...a what did you smoke thread!!! I do need to check that out also. My brewing has dropped off (like none the last 2 years, but soon to change) but I have been smokin, grillin, and cookin!
  3. steelerguy

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Didn't know this thread existed, should log in more often. So my new favorite home made pizza...a pulled pork pizza with chimichurri sauce. Pork shoulder ready to go on: Add some smoke: Ready to pull: Next day you make pizza: Homemade dough (let the bread machine mix...
  4. steelerguy

    Smaller Son of Fermentation Chiller

    Glad the plans are still helping people out! Wish I hadn't lost the Sketchup files...and wish I had more time to brew, not a single batch this year.
  5. steelerguy

    Cane sugar in starter

    Not sure why the yeast would not be healthy, they won't lose their ability to break down maltose down into glucose. Sucrose is also a disaccharide, like maltose, and will be broken down into a glucose and a fructose. Maltose will get your 2 glucoses. Both require a bond being broken to get to...
  6. steelerguy

    Not to beat a dead yeast

    Hopefully it is not from wild yeast...there is always something ready to eat those sugars! :P I have had dead yeast before, had to pitch again, only happened once. All my other brews have always taken off within 12 hours. If it takes that long, you can bet there were not many cells in that...
  7. steelerguy

    Cane sugar in starter

    I need to make a starter and find myself without much DME. I want to make a large 1 gal. 2 step starter for a Belgian Dark Strong. Was thinking about doing a mini mash with 1 lb. of grain I have sitting around and adding about 5 oz. of cane sugar with a good amount of yeast nutrient (and one...
  8. steelerguy

    Pumpkin in Mash?

    All of the flavor is going to come from the spice unless you actually do something to the roast it. I bought some sugar pumpkins, cut them into quarters, roasted them, then scooped out the goods. That way you get some caramelization and some actual flavor from the pumpkin rather...
  9. steelerguy

    Sweat smells like yeast

  10. steelerguy

    Fermentation Temperature Question

    You are only going to get higher temps when you are at the height of fermentation. If this second batch has been doing for a week or so and you didn't start out an a really high OG then you are fine moving it to a 67 degree room.
  11. steelerguy

    raising temp on beer cause ferment. to restart?

    If your lid is airtight and the only way for C02 to get out is the airlock and it is not bubbling, then you are not fermenting. What is the temperature in the room the fermenter is sitting in? What yeast did you use? What was the initial gravity? What is the gravity now?
  12. steelerguy

    First time brewer with some questions

    Some good advice! :) You really don't need all of these temperature swings. Just put that beer in an area that is close to the temperature you want to ferment at and let it slowly warm back up. You certainly don't need a space heater or anything like that. I also don't agree so much with...
  13. steelerguy

    Mash tun losses

    I did realize after I posted that I was talking more about batch sparging which is what I do. I don't mind letting the grain bed run dry because I am just going to add more water and stir. Honestly though, .1 g/lb has worked for me just about right on.
  14. steelerguy

    Mash tun losses

    Like suthrncomfrt said, just do your dough in, let it convert, and then drain. How much did you get out? How much grain did you use? You got your number! Now adjust the amount of water needed for sparge to hit your target volume and you are golden.
  15. steelerguy

    How long is too long to "Dry Hop"...

    I dry hopped a Stone Verticle Epic Ale recipe (08.08.08) for a couple months (2 ounces of hops) and had no grassy flavors at all. In fact that beer tasted extremely fruity, people though I put some fruit extract in actually. The fruit flavors have decreased over time, now a year later they are...
  16. steelerguy

    Help me diagnose this flavor

    Do you use city water? Do they add choloramine to the water? If so, add some campden to your mash or boil water. If your Apfelwein tasted like **** when done fermenting it is going to continue to taste like ****. Mine was good when I bottled and actually has not changed much over time...I...
  17. steelerguy

    Brewing a blueberry wheat tonight. How to make it not bitter?

    Attenuation and bitterness are two different things. I suppose some left over sugar will help "mask" some of the that what you are trying to accomplish? Use less hops for very little bitterness. I don't know if adding maltodextrin is going to do much other than add mouthfeel...
  18. steelerguy

    What music do you listen to while brewing?

    Dethklok!!! :) I almost exclusively watch whatever sports I can find on TV. My last two brews were Olympic specials.
  19. steelerguy

    Pliny the Elder...what's the hype about?

    I had a chance to enjoy a couple pints of Pliny the Elder this past summer. It was very good, one of the best IIPAs I have had. It wasn't hands down the best, but was way up there. I have not really heard all that much hype about homebrewed clones of Pliny the Elder. Not sure how you can...
  20. steelerguy

    cold crash worth moving?

    To put it simply, I don't think it is worth it. A day or two in the fridge will drop the hops if some are still floating but I would think that it would slosh on the way home unless there is pretty much no airspace and your drive has no turns. Seems like more hassle than it is worth. Just get...