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  1. Kaze

    Try to be fancy then... Banana Bomb

    Last year I brewed about 100 gallons of beer, and was feeling confident so I decided to stretch my wings and try some new methods. Alas, like Icarus I flew too close to the sun. I brewed a simple Classic American Pils with some 6row, flaked corn, and Vienna. Single vessel BIAB, 10 gallon batch...
  2. Kaze

    Light "grainy" style suggestions

    Tried to do some research but I'm not coming up with much, so any guidance would be appreciated. I really like that fresh grain taste that you get when the beer is only a week or two old. I brewed a pale ale back on 12/23 and just got it in the kegerator. It still has that sweet, fresh, grainy...
  3. Kaze

    230V Earth Leakage Protector

    Hello All, Currently in the process of researching an electric SSR controller. Would a 230v earth leakage protection breaker work on 240v? I already ordered the 230V, but I'll scrap it and order the 240V if necessary: Thanks!
  4. Kaze

    Big Celebration Porter

    Hi all, Pretty new here but I've done quite a bit of lurking. So far I have 1 extract and 1 AG brew under my belt (2nd AG currently in the primary). Anyways, my plan is to make a big porter and let it age in the keg for 7 months, and then serve it up after the baby is born :) . I was...