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  1. SeamusMac

    Alternative to airlock

    If your hose fits snuggly into the bung I'd do away with the airlock all together and stick the other end in a beer bottle full of sanitizer. Most people call this setup a "blow-off".
  2. SeamusMac

    Intertap faucets, PH/TDS meter, and riptide pump

    I've got a couple for sale. Shipping from Canada isn't usually too bad.
  3. SeamusMac

    Intertap SS-8022 Faucets & Misc.

    Two SS-8022 Intertap faucets Growler Filler Stout Spout Shorter shank, fixed barb Longer shank, interchangeable barb (missing neoprene washer, about $1) 90* barb Some wear, haven't used them myself, need a bit of cleaning. $100 CAD picked-up in Windsor/Wolfville, NS, Canada or shipping...
  4. SeamusMac

    German Pils The Lazy German (raw, warm fermented pilsener)

    Curious what you think about using campden tablets instead of a short boil? I intend to give this recipe a shot over the holidays and would prefer to let the beer cool naturally over 24 hrs, during which time the campden tablets would be able to do their work before I pitched.
  5. SeamusMac

    Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments

    Just wondering where you got your cider from? I'm from Halifax myself and I've usually found the OG to be to my liking without adding extra sugar. Having said that, what I buy is often late season cider that has a large proportion of golden russet. Using Lalvin-1118 on a cider with an OG of...
  6. SeamusMac

    Soil and Site Amendment for Apple Trees

    They'll be growing a few kilometers inland of New Glasgow so you probably came pretty close to the parcel on your way to CB, great place as well! Luckily we don't have gophers in our province but woodchucks are present in the area so I'll have to put a dent into the population this fall... As...
  7. SeamusMac

    Should I be worried about contamination?

    It has happened to me plenty of times without any problems. If you want to err on the safe side just don't leave it to age for months on end if it has a relatively low ABV. Even if it oes turn to vinegar you can still pawn it off on friends as xmas presents!
  8. SeamusMac

    A way to make hard Feijoa Cider?

    My experience has been that the honey will ferment almost entirely and is hard to detect in small amounts. It has left the final product proportionately drier than without the honey and upped ABV but it's been difficult to retain any of the honey character. My favorite method for adding honey to...
  9. SeamusMac

    Soil and Site Amendment for Apple Trees

    Thanks for the replies guys, it's been a great help. Greg, I'm pretty sure we'll have a few weeks of dry weather in August that'll make for the perfect time to rip up the ground prior to winter. In regards to mounding the soil, I'll definitely be mixing in my soil amendments and mounding up...
  10. SeamusMac

    Soil and Site Amendment for Apple Trees

    Hey all, I have a parcel of land that I' like to start growing some cider apples on as it's no longer being use for hay. If I were buying land for this purpose , I certainly wouldn't have picked this spot but it's what I've been given so I'll just have to work at it. I'm unsure of the soil pH...
  11. SeamusMac

    Spiced cider

    Probably a good opportunity to try washing yeast but it's such a small batch that you'd do just as well to pitch some new yeast. Definitely give the yeast washing a shot, it's a useful skill, just don't hesitate to throw it out if you think it may have picked up some bugs during the process...
  12. SeamusMac

    A way to make hard Feijoa Cider?

    I've never tried a straight Feijoa cider but I had some Feijoa liquer at Purangi Winery in the Coromandel and MAN OH MAN was it ever good. Anyways, Old Mout makes their Feijoa and Apple cider by blending Feijoa wine with cider so they can get the "ideal" final product without so much guess...
  13. SeamusMac

    Second Pressing Yield (SG)

    When I press apples at home they come from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. It's one of Canada's major apple growing regions but temperatures in the high 20s don't last long. Luckily, the majority of the apples I press are Golden Russet and Northern Spy to a lesser extent, so they spend an...
  14. SeamusMac

    Second Pressing Yield (SG)

    Whoa, that'd be quite a cider greg! I like to keep it lower in ABV so it's more sessionable, usually around 5.2% or a bit above. Apples at home in eastern Canada don't normally have the high sugar content that's possible in Aus/NZ so I wouldn't have to dilute by very much to knock the ABV down...
  15. SeamusMac

    Second Pressing Yield (SG)

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone here has ever bothered doing a second pressing and what sort of results you're getting. Obviously the exact SG numbers of the second pressing are dependent on the sugar content of the apples but perhaps someone could throw down some percentages? I usually end...
  16. SeamusMac

    Small Saison mash temp?

    Sounds pretty cool man, just wondering how much the syrup will cost ya? It's about $8 for 250 grams here in Aussie and it's not even the real deal - made partially from concentrated Canadian syrup.
  17. SeamusMac

    Re-pitching yeast for carbonation

    Sounds like you killed em good :rockin: I wouldn't waste my time trying to naturally bottle carb any of the cider after having added potassium sorbate to the mix. Back-sweeten and force carb all of it then bottle half from the keg after it's carbed. There's a handy little thread on how to...
  18. SeamusMac

    Keg & Carb - what do I need?

    Good call, kegging is the way to go! You'll need the kegging basics of course like the CO2 tank, corny kegs, regulator and tubing as well as a beer gun like the DIY one shown below or mentioned in this thread:
  19. SeamusMac

    Avoiding rhino farts in cider

    I just expoxied a gas mask canister to the top of my 2-piece airlock. Picked it up from a surplus shop that was selling the past due ones for $6. It takes care of the odours and doesn't create much resistance, just make sure you put it on the right way or it won't allow gas to escape.
  20. SeamusMac

    Aussie Brewers in Melbourne, Need Assistance!

    Hey all, I was wondering if there are any homebrewers in Melbourne that'd be willing to let me borrow their capper and bottling wand for a few days once my first batch is ready to bottle? I'm only in the city for a few months and hadn't planned to brew anything but a 30L fermenter found it's...