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  1. Cregar

    Chest freezer died

    Hopefully someone might have a way I can fix my chest freezer. I purchased it about 5 years ago to use as a fermentation chamber. For some reason it stopped getting cold. The compressor(????) get very warm when I try and use it. Any suggestion on what might have happen and a way to fix it. Th
  2. Cregar

    Mead exploded...

    well, foam exploded. Not sure what happened, made a 5 gal batch of mead yesterday and fermentation started around 10 pm (really slow). When I got home tonight I noticed a small amount of foam in my blow off tube. I didn't think mead foamed up when fermenting. Well I popped the top off the...
  3. Cregar

    Emergency... Need advice

    Last week I checked the gravity of my Bitter, The reading was almost perfect and the beer looked good. Tonight I decided to keg it and after taking the lid off the bucket I found this... What is it??? It smells ok... and other then not carbonated it tastes ok. Do you think its...
  4. Cregar

    Stir-Plate question

    Hey all, Just finished building my stir-plate and have a question. I notice when the vortex (???) actually comes down and hits the stir rod it bubbles up. Is that ok?? I have uploaded a video on Youtube but I don't think it shows the bubbles that well. (excuse the cough).
  5. Cregar

    Plastic Bucket Fermentors

    Just wondering if anyone uses a Drum Tap in there Plastic Bucket Fermentors? If so, how far up do you have it from the bottom of the bucket?
  6. Cregar

    Starter help

    I need your help... I made a starter yesterday to brew tomorrow (Sat). I went off the instruction on the wiki with making a 1 pint starter. I just realized I should have made a 1.69 quart starter, so Im a little shy of my yeast count. Should I just make a new 1.69 quart starter and add the...
  7. Cregar

    Wort boiling

    This is going to be a stupid question... When my buddy and I brew he likes to keep the propane burner at full open the whole hour boil, so we are getting a very hard boil (a lot evaporates away). Im of the mind to turn it down to just maintain a rolling boil. How hard to you guys boil...
  8. Cregar

    Buying Bulk Bottles

    Anyone know where the microbrewery's buy there bulk bottles?
  9. Cregar

    Quickest way to chill a keg

    Ok here's the deal... I currently have a chest freezer that I use as a kegerator and a fermenter. I have a dilemma, I have a batch fermenting now (about a week) but I have friends coming over tomorrow night and they want to drink the ESB we brewed about a month ago (kegged and sitting at room...
  10. Cregar

    Myself for President

    Don't know if anyone seen this yet but I decided to run for President... Please click here to see my news report
  11. Cregar

    The Rules of Homebrewers

    Not sure if this has been posted before and thought it would be nice to list "The Rules of Homebrewers" The first one I picked up from TexLaw on another thread. Post your rules here... Rule 1. Buying ingredients for the brewer only entitles you to half the batch brewed with another guy's...
  12. Cregar

    BeerTools Pro 1.5

    Ok just downloaded beertools pro demo and enter a recipe I will be brewing next weekend. It's from "brewing classic styles". I just would like someone to look over the "schedule" part of the recipe and make sure I have entered in correctly. I followed Bobby M's video and hopefully got it...
  13. Cregar

    Second job and w-4 form

    Because of hours being cut at work it looks like I am have to get a second job :-( I was wondering what I am suppose to fill out on the W-4 form for the second job. Do I claim "0" allowances or do I put in the allowances I am claiming on my primary jobs W-4 form. Thanks for any help Craig
  14. Cregar

    Double checking on process

    Wanted some advice to make sure I kegged correctly. My ESB finished fermenting about a week ago. I decided to keg it today. It fermented at 65 degrees. Going off my software it says I should carb it with approx 1.2 vols of co2. The calculator say that equals aprrox 6.5.psi. So I racked...
  15. Cregar

    Keg Posts

    Did a search and didn't come up with anything so hopefully someone could answer this or point me to a previous post. I just bought my first keg and was cleaning it Sat. Took everything apart and didn't pay attention when taking the posts off, so I was wondering if it matters what side the...
  16. Cregar

    RO Water

    Ok...I know this has been talked about before but I just want to make sure I understand. From what I have read RO water is null & void of anything in it, so you can't use it to mash unless you add minerals to it. So here's my questions: 1. Can you just add 5.2 to it or do you need to add the...
  17. Cregar

    William's Oxygen Aeration System

    I was thinking about getting this system but was wondering if anyone knew how much the oxygen tanks are?
  18. Cregar

    Erlenmeyer flask

    where would you find a Erlenmeyer flask locally? I know I can buy one online, but Im looking to get it today. Thanks
  19. Cregar

    Aeration System

    Going to be purchasing a aeration system today either from morebeer or Williams. Just was wondering if its difficult to get the tube aeration system (the one from morebeer) to stay in the carboy or would it be better to go with the aeration wand from Williams.
  20. Cregar

    Bathtub wort chiller

    I live in arizona and as you can guess it gets pretty damn hot here. I usually chill my wort down using my bathtub full of ice water. It works pretty good but still take quite awhile. A buddy of mine suggested using a homemade wort chiller and a fountain pump in the bathtub to chill it a lot...