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  1. Beertracker

    Cyser Q's

    I can tell you've been drinking the mass-marketed stuff! ;) Not all ciders are created equal, as I can tell you're starting to guess. I enjoy a good, traditional "scrumpy" from the old country, as well as farmhouse French ciders when I can find them. I can guarantee that none of them would...
  2. Beertracker

    A Good Beginner Recipe

    I use it all the time in my homebrewed root beer recipe and I've used it before in a Melomel or two w/o any noticeable flavor, but I prefer not to use anything. ;) Sodium benzoate is on the FDA's approved list of additives for the brewing industry, but that doesn't mean it won't kill you! :D
  3. Beertracker

    What is Acid Malt

    Acidulated (Sauer) or Acid Malt is a very light (1.6-3.2L) Pale/Pils type of malt that has an activated pH of 3.5-3.6 from lactic acid treatment. It is used by the brewing industry to balance mashes by lowering the pH making it more conductive for enzymatic reactions at lower temperatures. It...
  4. Beertracker

    Shelf Life of Honey

    Interesting! I always like to only buy enough current crop honey for each year's batches to ensure lots of good aromatics, but its nice to know I can keep it for centuries if needed. :D
  5. Beertracker

    Head Retention

    I like to use a touch of wheat in my brown ale recipes. In addition, try racking your beers sooner in able to p/u some natural carbonation. ;)
  6. Beertracker

    A Good Beginner Recipe

    Q: I've heard of adding honey later if I think it's too dry. When is this done and with how much? A: It's always a good idea to add your honey along with additional nutrients in increments esp. when making a sweet mead. If you're just sweetning a mead, then add (after sulphiting & removing...
  7. Beertracker

    Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

    RO (Reverse Osmosis) water is not ideal to use for brewing by itself, but is great to use for "water profiling". By starting with a "basic" water that is void of brewing salts, it allows the brewer great flexibility to add specific salts back as needed to reach the desired profile. I use RO...
  8. Beertracker

    Strawberry Blonde

    If you're looking for "real" strawberry aroma & flavor, then I'd suggest a min. of 3#/USG. I've made a strawberry beers & wine before and it requires a lot of fruit to get any character. The addition of strawberries will add quite a bit of fermentables (fructose) as well, so keep that in...
  9. Beertracker

    Gluten-Free Beer

    I'm just going to refer you to their page, but there's plenty of information & recipes out there. I've used Buckwheat before and it makes for a wonderful beer, but I've never made a totally gluten-free beer. It can be done, so I see a beer in your future! Gluten Free Beer Project...
  10. Beertracker

    pressure for keg ?

    Your question really depends on your serving temp. & carbonation level + head pressure, but somewhere in the 8-12psi range should be just fine.
  11. Beertracker

    Green Tea Braggot

    Please pass along some updates on the Green Tea Braggot, as I & others would be interested. I made a metheglin once with some orange tea leaves added. Turned out nice & subtle.
  12. Beertracker

    Why is this forum so dead?

    I like the way the Forum is set-up. It's very clean & easy to read. I'll definitely be checking in more often as it builds momentum.
  13. Beertracker

    Help! A California Lager or Steam Beer recipe?

    Here's my recipe for an Anchor Steam Beer clone. It's pretty popular with the natives. :) Panhandler Common A ProMash Engineered Recipe BJCP Style Guidelines: 7B - Amber Hybrid Beer, California Common Ale Min OG: 1.048 Max OG: 1.054 Min IBU: 30 Max IBU: 45 Min Clr: 8 Max Clr: 14...