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  1. dataz722

    Christmas ideas

    I just found out that the Saturday before Christmas my wife's dad's family is coming over and I am expected, of course, to make dinner. It's going to be at least 10 people total including a fairly picky eater kid. I need ideas for what I could do that won't cost too much since 3 days later I...
  2. dataz722


    Ok, so as to not derail another thread too much, who here has made their own sushi? I have been thinking about it a lot lately and will probably give it a shot soon since I found a monger near where I just moved to that has a few different sushi grade tunas for $9-14/lb.
  3. dataz722

    Knife Sharpening

    I have a growing collection of knives, mainly kitchen but others as well, and am tired of shipping them out the have them sharpened. I am looking at maybe getting a knife sharpening system. I do not want to do anything freehand on a whetstone or use an electric sharpener since I have heard...
  4. dataz722


    I know he have a decent amount, so where are all the DE brewers?
  5. dataz722

    Building a home server

    I am looking to build a home server to work as a media server in the house and also an FTP server so I can access everything anywhere. It will be running 24/7/365 so heat and power consumption are a concern. I plan on running the computer headless as well and plan to underclock the cpu to lower...
  6. dataz722

    Filtering oil

    I am looking to see what everyone uses or does to filter and save the oil after frying a turkey. I have done one before and just dumped the oil after because it got way too hot while cooking and burned the oil. I am looking to be able to save it this year.
  7. dataz722

    Recipes from Charcuterie

    I know many of you have the book Charcuterie and have made things out of it. I have read the book cover to cover and used the processes and concepts out of it but last night was the first time I actually followed one of the recipies. I made the breakfast sausage and the mexican chorizo. When...
  8. dataz722


    I am looking to purchase a dehydrator in the next couple days. I know some of you guys here have to have one. I am mainly looking at one to dry peppers and make jerky. I am looking at either the nesco 700 watt or the excalibur 4 try but could be persuaded to others. Suggestions?
  9. dataz722

    Android apps

    I just got an android. Now what apps do you all have that you couldn't live without. I already have a ton but more can't hurt, right?
  10. dataz722

    Android on Verizon

    I have been trying to hold off but I think the time has finally come that I need a new phone. I am looking to go to something android based and am looking to get opinions on what to get. I would prefer a keyboard since I hate typing on a touchscreen but don't know how plausable that is going...
  11. dataz722

    Stubbs on sale

    Stubbs charcoal is on sale at many Lowes this week for $5 a bag. I am down to only about 8 bags left so I need to stock up again. Figured at least some of you would like to know about this.
  12. dataz722

    Pit Beef

    My wife wanted me to make pit beef sandwiches for fathers day for her step dad since they are one of his favorite foods. I told her I couldn't because I don't have a meat slicer even though I have been wanting one for quite a while. So she gave me the go ahead and order one. I will be...
  13. dataz722

    Idiots on CL

    Are people really this stupid or do they actually think it is legal?
  14. dataz722

    Sausage Supplies

    I am going to try and get everything ordered to be able to make sausage in the next day or so. I have been making some loose sausages for a while now but since the KA stuffer is worthless I haven’t done too much. I know a few of you on here are making sausage and I wondered if you might be...
  15. dataz722

    Shepherd's Pie

    I have been wanting to make shepards pie for a while now and I figured what better time than now. Ok, I lied it is actually cottage pie since it isn't lamb but just swap out the beef for lamb and you got shepard's. A couple things missing from the picture but it is pretty much everything...
  16. dataz722

    Valentines gifts

    I was hoping that my wife would have gotten me some Edmund Fitzgerald last night since I have been wanting to try it for years. Still I have had no luck. Anyone else get anything good like some Edmund Fitzgerald?
  17. dataz722

    UDS Kits now available

    Ok, after multiple delays I finally have everything together for these kits. A UDS or ugly/upright drum smoker is a popular, inexpensive, great beginner smoker. They can hold temperature without messing with them for hours upon hours. If you search google or any bbq forums you will find tons...
  18. dataz722

    HBT getting a mention on FB

    I was just looking through my facebook and saw this from thermapen and did a double take.
  19. dataz722

    Beers from England

    A friend of mine is over in England on business and told me he would bring me back some beer if I wanted. I really don't know what is available over there that isn't here that is worth getting. Suggestions?
  20. dataz722

    UDS build kits

    I am just wondering if there would be any interest in a "UDS build kit". It would be pretty much everything needed to build a UDS minus the 2 grates and the drum itself. It would include all of the stainless hardware, the expanded steel, bailing wire to attach the expanded steel to the grate...