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  1. Gear101

    Toppling goliath

    Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the 500 individuals to attend the Mornin’ Delight release on August 29, 2015. This is to confirm that you will be in Group B. Group B will be from 12pm - 3pm. Please do NOT line up prior to 11am. You will need your ID and cash for the...
  2. Gear101

    Small and TG, at the store, going to be a great summer

    Happy to live close to both of these. Cheers Might trade, pizza boys are something like that.
  3. Gear101

    Overshot gravity

    A little hot, but I would just wait to see what the FG is, might make good beer, just higher ABV.
  4. Gear101

    GT Dorothy

    One of the best, on a hot summer night. Anyone want to trade, I'm about an hour away, so can get most things.
  5. Gear101

    Surly for trade

    I'd take some RRBeatification or Pliny
  6. Gear101

    Surly for trade

    Abrasive should be out in a month or so
  7. Gear101

    Surly for trade

    Anyone interested in trading for some Surly beers? ISO Dogfish 90 or 120, CCB, RR or Dark Horse, but open to others.
  8. Gear101

    Pliny for trade

    I have some surly beers to trade.
  9. Gear101

    Toppling Goliath pseudoSue - Can you clone it?

    Posted on FB BeerMurph is headed to Des Moines today with your Pseudo Sue bottles! How is that for a snowy Monday!! Hy-Vee on Valley West Des Moines Hy-Vee Mills Civic Parkway West Des Moines Hy-Vee in Pleasant Hill Hy-Vee on State Street Ankeny Wine Styles in Mills Civic...
  10. Gear101

    Now that would be cool

    to see what his wife did. LOL
  11. Gear101

    Harvest yeast from bottles?

    The last small amount might be hard, normally people use the first part. That way the person has not been drinking the beer and added any unwanted bacteria or germs into the beer. You could use Starsan to disinfect the beer that you remove from the bottle. And yes anytime you open something like...
  12. Gear101

    My beers are ok, but not great...

    Controlling the different temps all the way through the process can give you a more desired end product. But the ferm temp is very important, made a world of difference when I got a ferm chamber. CHEERS.
  13. Gear101

    Keep it or discard it...extra wort after sparge?

    All depends on the gravity, could hold it back for starters?
  14. Gear101

    HELP! Rare earth magnet in a stir plate

    I got mine from a computer repair shop, cost me like 5usd for two ~1" banana shaped ones. Shops have all types of old drives around.
  15. Gear101

    If you had $2,000 to upgrade your brewery, what would you do? (help me upgrade mine)

    I am about to get two of this, I will add the thermo. I use a 70 Extreme Coleman already, if you get one, just mind the hinges. and make one of these. The only thing I plan on doing different is on two pipes in place of the four. With those...
  16. Gear101

    Sweaty horse blanket?

    I like a little sweaty horse blanket, GI Militia is one of my all time favorite beers.
  17. Gear101

    stir plate starters

    Ya I started out the same way, shaking a starter gets old, all you need to do is keep it moving a little bit. Normally what I do is set it fast enough to prevent a cake from developing. CHEERS and happy brewing.
  18. Gear101

    Rinse carboy after using vinegar solution?

    By all means, vinegar is a good cleaner. I personally would buy some bottle water and wash the carboys out with that. Life might be easier on you to just get a 5 gallon container of treated water.