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    What's your traditional IPA fermentation/dry hop schedule?

    I quit dry hopping in the keg in favor of doing it in primary. I now add dry hops at about 9 days, cold crash under CO2 pressure at 12 days and keg at 14 days. I use 3oz in the IPA recipe I’m currently playing with variations of and the aroma is over the top.
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    Keg growler question

    Regarding renting vs buying. Just about any welding/gas store will just do an exchange provided you have a size they stock. “Buying” only means you own “a” tank, not a specific tank. This is how it works with all welding/industrial gas. I only say just about any gas store because if I said...
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    CRAYON off-flavor. Any ideas? Maybe crystal 60?

    I’ve never heard of C60 not aging well. I just brewed a Barleywine using 2 row and C60 so I hope it ages ok.
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    Bottling beer from a Keg

    Yes you can. If done right it’ll last just fine. That is assuming you have been dispensing with CO2. If you have been using a pump then dump it and move on. I use a bottling wand with the plunger removed and jammed into a picnic faucet. Fill from the bottom up, fill until beer is flowing out...
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    Backyard Brewing - Babysit or ok to leave unattended?

    Can’t you just put the dog inside when you aren’t by it? I boiled a barley wine for 3 hours last week, got it to a boil and walked away for two hours until I had to start adding hops. It’s no different than a gas grill. Do you sand over your gas grill non-stop? I brew in the garage but outside...
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    Is there a consensus on the 'best' plastic carboys or fermenters?

    Both very good points, you do have a lot more surface area in the walls though. At the end of the day they aren’t screen doors letting all the air in, not worth worrying about.
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    Is there a consensus on the 'best' plastic carboys or fermenters?

    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) by itself has pretty good gas (especially oxygen) permeability. That means oxygen can pass through it. Why would it want to? All things liquid, solid and gas always want to move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration, it’s a...
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    Is there a consensus on the 'best' plastic carboys or fermenters?

    They are thin, but they really don’t need to be thick to do the job. Carry them in a milk crake or a strap system like the brew hauler. If you get one you’ll want one of these to remove the lid. For $4.99 it’s actually a really nice tool that’ll come in handy for more than just removing caps, I...
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    Is there a consensus on the 'best' plastic carboys or fermenters?

    I’m partial to my fermonsters for a few reasons. Haven’t used any of the others ones, some have some of the features but I haven’t found any other one that has them all. 1) spigot so I can transfer without the use of a siphon. 2) clear so I can see when to stop transferring so I can get all of...
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    Hydrogen for presurizing kegerator?

    Are you sure it’s hydrogen and not helium? Hydrogen doesn’t seem like something you’d accidentally get. If it is hydrogen I’d imagine it’s worth more than a CO2 tank so there’s that.
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    What would you buy?

    Go with fermentation temp control. Mash & boil and Robobrew are gizmos you can get later if that type of brewing suits your fancy. No matter what you do (extract, AG, BIAB, fully automated electric,etc) you’ll need fermentation temp control and it’ll probably make the single biggest difference...
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    Beer Smith Volume Question

    So the second one, putting 0 in for "Trub Loss" under the boil and fermentation section, yielded actual numbers for pre and post boil gravities. The description for trub loss is "loss of wort due to trub dead space or transfer from boiler to fermenter". I really don't see how this would affect...
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    Beer Smith Volume Question

    I thought I had the volumes in Beer Smith figured out then I got thrown for a loop today. Here's two ways of setting up the volumes...The first has me leaving 0.5gal in the boil kettle and leaving 0.5gal in the fermenter since this is going in my 3 gal keg. The second has me transferring it all...
  14. Beer Smith 2

    Beer Smith 2

  15. Beer Smith 1

    Beer Smith 1

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    Rice Hulls

    So just toss it in there? Does it add body to the beer? I’ve thought about BIAB, one day I might go electric at which point it’d make sense. For now I don’t see much benefit.
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    Are keg qd's interchangeable?

    No you can’t. I mean if you push hard enough it might work but it’s not a good idea. You can however put a gas male connector on the liquid side which would allow you to use the gas female connector.
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    Pictures of NEIPA's

    A hefe and many great IPAs have a light haze, very different than the dull opaque murkiness of many of the NEIPAs. I tapped a hefe recently, the first few pints looked like a NEIPA, they went down the sink, after that it livend up and looked amazing. It's a subtle difference but a big one for...
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    Rice Hulls

    As in BIAB?
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    Yeaster starter not doing anything

    I was going to say something about that flask being way too full. Anything over about 1.8L always barfs out on me. Glad it took off.