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  1. sniperd

    low profile sankey to ball locks

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get a solution together to use a sankey keg with my ball lock corny setup. I've been reading and looking at posts here (and everywhere!) and have found some parts lists, but most are so old that the links don't work. So as of right now I have some parts but can't...
  2. sniperd

    cole parmer 75211 pump - question?

    A friend of mine gave me this pump: He told me I just need to buy a pump head. I would plan to use this pump for all kinds of things on brew day, just moving strike water around, moving wort into the...
  3. sniperd

    Great deal, 100qt kettle $75 shipped to NH

    I stumbled upon this thread recently: and found that for $75 shipped to NH I could get a 100qt stainless kettle shipped. I split it 3 ways with 2 friends and 1 week later I got it. Just wanted to pass on...
  4. sniperd

    Monster Mill MM3-2.0 vs Schmidling MaltMill - help!

    I brew with 2 friends and we often brew up 30 to 50 gallons at a time and use around 100 lbs of grain. I'd say we brew about once a month. The LHBS has been giving me the evil eye recently due to how much work we put his grain mill through and honestly I'd like to own a mill. I've done a lot...