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  1. EllisTX

    wilserbrewer BIAB Bags, Triple Play Value Combo

    I just used my new bag for the second time a few days ago. It's made my biab a bazillion times more convenient than when I just used a curtain draped over the sides. Grain bills of 25 and 28 lbs were no problem for the bag or the ratchet pulley. Great product wilser!
  2. EllisTX

    Brew Gloves, Bare Feet

    I have very little hair on my lower legs from standing close to the brew kettle and stirring. No boots, shorts only, and I bought gloves once but I don't know where they are now.
  3. EllisTX

    Show of your 2013 Hops Garden! (picture gallery)

    Left to right Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook. I'll be building a raised bed and get them in the ground this winter.
  4. EllisTX

    any 1911 enthusiasts out there?

    A Rock Island Officer was my first handgun. I polished the barrel and changed the trigger, put new grips on, installed trijicon sights, and relpaced the internals. I loved that little gun. I'm still mad at myself for selling it.
  5. EllisTX

    What are you drinking now?

    After a few pulls to clear out the gelatin, I'm having a pint of my NHC 2nd round Kolsch rebrew. I personally like it better than the first batch. I just hope I didn't brew too soon.
  6. EllisTX

    Centralombus IPA

    I'm not familiar with the yeast but if it's similar to 001 then that should be fine. Pitch two packs and definitely rehydrate it according to the manufacturer.
  7. EllisTX

    Centralombus IPA

    Looks like the to me. Although I'd mash low and get that FG closer to 1.010.
  8. EllisTX

    2013 NHC first round results?

    Got mine today from the Tulsa, OK region. 44 on my Kolsch and 1st in mini BOS! Time to brew me thinks. Cover sheets say results will be posted "no later than May 3rd"
  9. EllisTX

    Racetrack Keg O-ring help

    I replaced with regular corny lid orings and it worked fine.
  10. EllisTX

    Anyone have a good baked bean recipe?

    Wish I could be more exact. Our recipe looks something like this. I've never had bad baked beans from it. A few cans of pork and beans Handful of brown sugar (maybe 1 cup) A squirt of mustard (maybe 1/4 cup) A squirt of ketchup (maybe 1/2 cup) Some cooked bacon (more the merrier)...
  11. EllisTX

    Buckboard Bacon- Pork butt bacon...

    Done and a test fry yielded excellent results. Why have I not done this before?
  12. EllisTX

    Came into new FREE stuff.

    I can see the situation now. "Who do I have to sleep with to get some free stuff around here..." I think a homer bucket holds about 20-25 lbs. Grab a couple 6-8 from home depot. They're stackable and seal pretty well.
  13. EllisTX

    Buckboard Bacon- Pork butt bacon...

    I'll take pics when they're done tonight. I ended up cold smoking this batch. I'll start testing it at about 6 hours to see if it's ready.
  14. EllisTX

    Buckboard Bacon- Pork butt bacon...

    He probably implied that it isn't cooked to the final product yet, e.g. pan frying. Soaking mine in water for a few hours then setting in the fridge overnight. Smoking tomorrow! Any minimum/maximum temp for smoking. Cold smoke vs Hot smoke?
  15. EllisTX

    Show us your SWMBO...

    You've got her running a pressure washer?! You're doing something right and you're a lucky man. A hot glue gun is power equipment to my wife.:ban:
  16. EllisTX

    Dancing Better Bottle

    Great idea. For some reason watching fermentation never gets old to me. Looks like you lost about an inch of beer to all that blowout.
  17. EllisTX

    Berliner Weiss, many ways

    I recently did a sour wort BW. I pitched a vial of White Labs Lacto and held it around 100 for 3 days. I didn't check the gravity then but after the 15 minute boil my gravity came to 1.012. Down from 1.031. So after yeast fermentation I'm looking at a 1.5% beer. Anyone else have a similar...
  18. EllisTX

    Taste of Simcoe in a IIPA

    I'm with ol nicpic here. Not enough bittering for such a big beer. If you've dried out to to 1.005 I don't think you had any recipe problems with the malt.
  19. EllisTX

    What came in the mail for you today?

    So you're mad that your package has been delivered? Odd.