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  1. Fedora

    The Great HBT Taco Thread

    Welcome, fellow taco lovers! This is the place to discuss all things taco. Express your general adoration of tacos. Share your favorite recipes. Are you eating tacos right now? Post a picture! Friendly debate is welcomed. Corn vs flour. Soft vs crunchy. Beef vs chicken. Pork maybe...
  2. Fedora

    Denver, CO beer mule. What should I ask for?

    Hey everybody. So, a guy I work with travels to Denver once a month for work and has "volunteered" to bring back beer for me. I'm in Arkansas BTW. Looking for suggestions on what I should request for him to get. Looking for local stuff, preferably available in bombers. My tastes lean toward...
  3. Fedora

    Harrison Area Brewers

    So I'm digging through the AR forum and it's fairly dead. Conway has a good thread going, but it's not really local to me. I homebrew and brew at a nano brewpub in Harrison. A local health food store is in the process of becoming a grain/ homebrew supplier. Most of the time I feel like I...
  4. Fedora

    FT: Budweiser: Cellared 30+ Years

    I have for trade one bottle of Budweiser. It has been stored in a non climate controlled attic since the late seventies. I have personally been in possession of this beer for twelve years. It likely belonged to my father or one of my uncles who hid it in my grandparent's attic and was forgotten...
  5. Fedora

    Random Drunken Thoughts Thread

    I like to see old people smoking. It gives me hope for the future. I really should get on upgrading my membership to this forum. I always feel like a ****** posting in my blue jacket. Northern Brewer, I haven't lived at that address for four years. Why did you ship my order there? Luckily...
  6. Fedora

    Grilled Cheese or Lasagne?

    Reading through Jaybird's Bucket List thread, I noticed that one thing came up very quickly. It's a certain act between three adults which is hopefully very pleasurable for all parties involved. Let's just call it " lasagne". Grilled cheese sandwiches are a popular dish around here so I will...
  7. Fedora

    Arkansas New 10# AL CO2 Cylinder

    I have for sale here a brand new 10# aluminum CO2 cylinder. Empty, has never had gas in it. I bought this cylinder from Northern Brewer about a month ago. As it turns out, no one in my area will fill it. After exhausting all possible options, I bought a 5# steel cylinder that I can easily...
  8. Fedora

    The Ummu Thread (Hawaiian underground oven)

    An ummu is a traditional underground oven used by Hawaiians and many other Pacific islanders. We are all familiar with the image of the luau pig. He is cooked in an ummu. Spelling and pronunciation vary between islands but the concept is the same. My good buddy and neighbor is a native of...
  9. Fedora

    Oily film from Sani Clean

    Hey guys. So at work I use converted sanke kegs as fermenters and sanitize with Sani Clean. A couple weeks ago I cleaned a few fermenters ( pbw) and put three gallons of properly diluted Sani Clean in each. I rolled them around to contact all surfaces then put them in the corner upright with the...