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  1. aprichman

    Special Occasion Brews - Share your recipe

    Greetings Homebrewers, My folks are coming to visit for the holidays. I was hoping to make a special beer for when they are visiting. Would you be willing to share a beer you have made for special occasions? I brew all grain. The parents will be visiting in a little over 7 weeks, which...
  2. aprichman

    Bourbon / Whisky Pumpkin Ale

    Anyone have a good recipe they would be willing to share? I love pumpkin spice and bourbon but haven't seen many recipes featuring this combination.
  3. aprichman

    Lemon drop for amber ale?

    Has anyone used these hops? Brulosophy said they were reminiscent of Cascade. Thought they might be good in an amber ale. Any thoughts?
  4. aprichman

    Help me decide my next brew

    I am getting ready to brew this weekend and am having a hard time deciding on what to make. I usually stick to American and English styles but lately I've been wanting to expand out a bit. Here is what I currently have on tap: Tap 1 - American IPA (~1 gallon left) Tap 2 - Kolsch (~4.5 gallons...
  5. aprichman

    Imperial Yeast A30 Corporate

    I picked up an extremely fresh pack of Imperial Yeast A30 Corporate from my LHBS for an IPA I'm making this weekend. I hadn't heard anything about it and couldn't find any information on Imperial's website. I did a little bit of digging and found this interesting quote about this strain on...
  6. aprichman

    Blonde Ale 541 - A British Blonde Ale

    5.75 gallons in the kettle - 5.25 in the fermenter. 8.25 lbs Pale 2-row 0.75 lbs White Wheat 0.33 lbs Honey Malt 0.25 lbs Torrified Wheat 0.25 lbs Acid Malt 1.25 oz Willamette @ 60 min 2.00 oz Willamette @ 5 min Single infusion, BIAB full volume. Mashed in @ 150°F, held for 60 minutes...
  7. aprichman

    Favorite Holiday Recipe

    What's your favorite recipe to brew when the weather starts to cool and we enter the holiday season?
  8. aprichman

    What's your favorite IPA recipe?

    Title says it all - what's your favorite IPA recipe?
  9. aprichman

    3 taps - what would you chose?

    If you only had three taps, what would you put on them?
  10. aprichman

    I bought a keg setup

    I bought a keg setup and I'm super excited! I went with a pinlock setup because of the price. A little sad I won't have a PRV but I can always replace the lid or manually release the pressure. I'm going to be running a plastic picnic tap with 5 feet of ultra barrier silver beer line until I...
  11. aprichman

    Oregon Brewing Equipment (Spike Brewing, AMCYL, Blichmann, etc.)

    10 gallon AMCYL kettle with custom pickup tube, thermometer, and ball valve. sold 10 gallon Spike kettle with sight gauge, thermometer, and 3-piece ball valve. $160 Fermenter's Favorite 7.9 gallon mashtun with all stainless components and high temperature silicone tubing. $70 Blichmann Burner...
  12. aprichman

    Oregon 10 gallon AMCYL kettle, 8 gallon Fermenter's Favorite mash tun

    10 gallon AMCYL kettle with modified el-barb pickup tube. $145 7.9 gallon Fermenter's Favorite mash tun, modified to have all 1/2" stainless steel fittings and high temperature silicone tubing. $75 Located in Corvallis, OR but would consider meeting up for delivery between Portland, OR ->...
  13. aprichman

    Comet, Pekko, 007, and Lemon Drop - Comments / Style Advice

    Hi HBTers, I just ordered a variety pack from Yakima Valley Hops. It's a bit of an oddball but I thought it looked interesting, the variety pack includes a half pound of Comet, Pekko, 007, and Lemon Drop. I've never used any of these hops so I don't have any experience with them. I'm...
  14. aprichman

    Review: NorCal Brewing Brewing Solutions Black Butte Porter Clone

    I was selected to do a receive a partially discounted brewing kit from NorCal in exchange for a review. This post will serve as part 1 of the review, just a brief overview of brewing day. The kit arrived promptly and was well packed. Unpacked the box and everything was there including a...
  15. aprichman

    What are my options for going electric?

    I'm in an apartment and fairly ignorant about electrical stuff so please bare with me. I am looking to do a single vessel eBIAB and put an element in via 1.5" triclamp. I would like to be able to do 5 gallon batches but realistically 3-4 gallon batches would be suitable for me. Here is what...
  16. aprichman

    Oregon Complete 3 vessel setup

    Hi HBT'ers, I've got a 3 vessel - 1 burner setup for sale. Everything you need to make great beer. I used muscle and gravity to transfer everything. My eventual plan was to add some pumps and another blichmann burner for a stationary horizontal setup. However, my plans got interrupted by...
  17. aprichman

    Where to get a kettle welded in Oregon?

    I have a used Spike kettle coming that I would like to add a whirlpool port to. I guess that means I would want a threaded coupler or triclamp added. Does anyone know if any welders in Oregon could do this? I searched google but the few welders I saw were focused on microbreweries and not...
  18. aprichman

    Why do people run more than one pump?

    Is there any reason to use more than one pump if you're not fly sparging? Right now I'm using gravity (and my back) so I'm a bit of a pump newbie, but I'm struggling to see the point of using 2 pumps if you're batch sparging. Am I missing something? Here's what I was thinking: 1.) HLT ->...
  19. aprichman

    Oregon Large (5lb +) quantity of free experimental hops - free to a good home

    Hello fellow HBT'ers, The OSU Food Science Pilot Plant was cleaning out it's freezer last week and gave away a bunch of hops they don't plan to use. I grabbed a LARGE bag of hops that probably weighs 5-7 lbs. These are experimental hops from 2014 that had these descriptions written on the...
  20. aprichman

    Is chocolate/coffee malt ever appropriate in a pale beer?

    Has anyone ever tried to use a small amount of chocolate or coffee malts (pale or otherwise) in a pale beer in small amounts? My thought is that in a small amount (~1% of the total grist) it could possibly be used to provide a little extra depth to the malts without having a huge contribution...