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  1. 1977Brewer

    A friendly place for friends who drink

    It's in the thread title. Hello friends.
  2. 1977Brewer


    Headed down to the coast next week. What's that? I'm going to the shore. What am I going down to the shore for? Probably going to see my favorite doors cover band... Anyway, aside from Galveston Island Brewing, where do I go for beer. Pls. halp.
  3. 1977Brewer

    What did you drink while HBT was dead?

    X 3 X 2 And 2 No Use For a Names that I didn't get pictures up because I gave up hope.
  4. 1977Brewer

    Mobile App probs

    Is the mobile app down? I keep getting server errors at login. Weird.
  5. 1977Brewer

    Win a trip to DFH

    Use my link, post your referral link here if you hate freedom and want me to lose.
  6. 1977Brewer

    Calm me down

    Just bottled my fifth batch. Recipe is inconsequential. I forgot to sanitize 9 bottles. They're going to explode, aren't they? I have glass grenades in my garage.
  7. 1977Brewer

    Double IPA SonRise IPA (Community Mosiac Clone Attempt)

    This beer won The 1st Annual Weatherford Home Brewing Comepetition last night. It's a fantastic IPA, and nothing at all like the beer I was attempting to clone. It is the first recipe I put together myself, and I am darn proud of it. Naturally, I already changed it up for the second batch, but...
  8. 1977Brewer

    I hate water.

    Who does water think it is anyway? Every beer I drink is like, 95% water. Why so many water forward beers? I decided to do something about it. Here's my fermenter, pre-pitching. All hop additions will be dry hop after FG is reached. OG is off the scale. Hydrometer just kind of...sat there.
  9. 1977Brewer

    Grapefruit questions

    I have the following recipe in primary right now. It's the Nierra Sevada session APA from the recipe session here, with my Hop Schedule, and dry hopped, because brewing is like jazz for me. It's been cranking right along since Sunday. Smells amazing so far. I'm contemplating racking a gallon...
  10. 1977Brewer

    I'm an American Aquarium Drinker....

    Drinking songs, lyric specific. Go.
  11. 1977Brewer

    Bottling day!

    1/2 of my first batch is hiding in the closet now. Bottling is a PITA.
  12. 1977Brewer

    Dumpster diving

    As a community, I've noticed that brewers tend to be more resourceful than a lot of hobbyists. If it can be purpose built, or repurposed, it goes into the system. I'm on the repurposing side. Stack of Sterilite totes in the corner of the garage? Those are great basins for bottle cleaning, star...
  13. 1977Brewer

    Jameson Stout?

    I have more Jameson than I'll ever drink. Think it'll work in a Dry Irish Stout with some oak chips? Should I just pull a Stout recipe that looks tasty and throw Jameson soaked oak chips in after it finishes? I'm running a no secondary rule because I genuinely hate racking. I really want a good...
  14. 1977Brewer

    Mystery IPA ??'s

    Several months ago, before I embarked on my HB journey, I was at a good friends 40th birthday. The circles I run in include multiple beer nerds. Like Dungeon Master level beer nerds. The head nerd brought a HUGE variety of very sought after beers for us to sample. Lagunitas Sucks & Brown Shugga...
  15. 1977Brewer

    First BIAB...2nd batch ever

    I'm going in feet first here, mainly because I am enamored with the entire process. Here's the plan. I brought home 14 lbs. of double crushed Breiss Pale, 3 oz. Cascade, 1 oz Columbus, and 2 packs of S-05. I'm going to attempt a parti-gyle double SMaSH, but if it gets away from me I'll just go...
  16. 1977Brewer

    Free brass ball valve?

    We found a box of these valves in our warehouse, most likely shipped to us by mistake. We also have a box of marine steering wheels if anyone's interested. Anywho, It's an engine oil drain valve, FUMOTO T202. Am I going to kill myself and my friends?
  17. 1977Brewer

    Trade Show Time!

    I'm the bar manager for my company. Helluva gig if you can get it. Aside from BMC, Corona, Modelo, Guinness and Shiner Bock... I get no beer. If I'm bringing several cases of good beer to the menu, what should I bring? I'm leaning toward Sierra Nevada pale ale and torpedo. Maybe some locals...
  18. 1977Brewer

    Desert Island thread.

    What would you want with you? This is also my post apocalypse list. Books: Bible Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy The Hobbit The Stand - Stephen King Blue Like Jazz - Donald Miller Music: (album, or song) The Argument - Fugazi Everlong - Foo Fighters Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys...
  19. 1977Brewer

    Idiot Box: what's on your teevee

    Punk Singer: The Kathleen Hanna Story. Punk. Rock.
  20. 1977Brewer

    First Beer Ever

    Fallstaff, probably at 5 years old. I learned how to pull a tab really early.