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  1. AmandaK

    I HATE not being able to brew. :(

    Long story made really short, I had to cease my brewing operation because I'm moving from tiny-town Illinois to Kansas City at the end of November. (Hooray! Finally back to a city!) I had gotten used to brewing twice a month, if not more. I had plans to turn the yeast cake from a 70/- into a...
  2. AmandaK

    WANT TO BUY: GABF Members Only Session Tickets (2)

    I need two tickets to the members only session of the GABF this year. Long story made short, myself and 5 friends are meeting up in Denver for a friend reunion. 4 of us got tickets, the other 2 did not get them during the "Ticketmaster debacle". SO... if you got them, but won't be using...
  3. AmandaK

    Water Chemistry - Is it REALLY this easy??

    So I got my water report back from Ward Labs... Na - 11 Ca - 22 Mg - 4 SO4 - 27 Cl - 15 HCO3 - 44 pH - 9.2 So if I want to make my water like Burton-on-Trent... can I just add 3 grams/gallon of Gypsum and call it good? I mean, it won't be perfect, but it'll be a...
  4. AmandaK

    Okay, so who's going to NHC 2012 in Seattle??

    So who around here is going to the NHC in June? I'm heading up there on Tuesday night, and hopefully I'll get picked to be a judge (Master and National get picked first, then Certified). I'm pretty stoked! It'll be my first NHC, so what should I do? And what is your favorite part of it...
  5. AmandaK

    WLP644 -Brett B Trois

    Just picked up a vial of WLP644, supposedly the strain from Drie Fonteinen. Any ideas on what kind of beer to make with this? I was thinking 100% Brett fermentation... Either way, I'll be definitely building up a huge starter of this and doing multiple batches over time. :mug:
  6. AmandaK

    HBT Member on Gizmodo this morning

    Couldn't find a thread about this, so a big CONGRATS to mrbowenz for being featured on Gizmodo this morning!! Original thread Giz article :rockin::mug:
  7. AmandaK

    Lambic (BOS, 3rd BOS and Two Golds)

    This was my first sour ever, but it turned out so well that I figured I'd show everyone how easy it really is. This is based off the Steve Piatz method in BYO from a while back. When I started this recipe, I started with BCS and modified it - as it turns out one of the highest ranking judges had...
  8. AmandaK

    Light colored version of a Dopplebock recipe??

    In BJCP 5C, Dopplebock, it mentions two versions: a light and a dark. I've seen and had several dark versions but want to make a light version. All I have to go on is that Pils and Vienna malt should make up the grist, noble hops and decoction mashing. Anyone have any recipes I could...
  9. AmandaK

    Did I just blow my LOVE TS2-010??

    Hey guys, I'm trying to wire up my keezer. Unfortunately, I've run into a few snags. The main one being that when I wired up my temp. controller (Love TS2-010), the plug was blown from the wall socket before I could even put it in. I followed this wiring diagram: (Sorry, it's upside down...
  10. AmandaK

    Direct LOVE TS2-010 install??

    Hey guys, done a bit of research on the board first, but I'm a bit confused still. I'm seeing that most people run a Love Controller from an extension cord to the controller to the freezer/fridge.... Can't I just mount the controller in my freezer collar and run the controller directly to...
  11. AmandaK

    Warm fermentation solutions??

    I'm about to start brewing a few saisons. But I want to make sure I can get the temperature to the upper 80s. I just watched the new BTV episode and it got me thinking. I'm leaning towards the FermWrap, but I'm not sure how to control the temp unless I buy a Ranco or similar. Suggestions?
  12. AmandaK

    Packaging decisions...

    Hey guys, I've brewed an Oud Bruin for one of my best friend's weddings. It's smelling pretty freakin' great in the carboy right now, but I'm starting to wonder... should I package this? I would really like to package it in 375mL Belgian bottles, corked and caged, of course. I...
  13. AmandaK

    Wyeast 3789PC - Experiences?

    Hey guys, Pitched 3789 about three days ago into a Belgian Blondeish beer. I'm sort of going for an Orval with the one, but my question is what kind of fermentation schedule (temp/time) would you guys suggest? I pitched at 62 and let it get up to 68 within a day. 68 is the lower limit of this...
  14. AmandaK

    Johnson Controller broken... now what?

    Hey guys, I had been using an older model Johnson Controller for my keezer. I think I kinked the copper temp probe on accident and now my freezer will not turn on. My problem is mainly that I have friends coming over in 24 hours to drink my beer. What is the quickest and dirtiest way to get a...
  15. AmandaK

    CFC tricks?

    Hey guys, I used my counter flow chiller for the first time yesterday and failed epicly. I use whole hops and used to have a bazooka screen in my kettle. Long story short, the whole hops clogged the chiller. Will that bazooka screen in the kettle stop the clogging or will the whole hops just...
  16. AmandaK

    Do you plan brews for next year?

    I was thinking yesterday that I really didn't have much rhyme or reason to my brew schedule this year (my first year), I just kind of brewed whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. This year I'm going to try and knock out some Belgians according to the season. Anyone else do this? I'm...
  17. AmandaK

    Equipment to start seriously yeast ranching?

    Hey guys, I want to seriously start ranching/banking/saving/reusing my yeast. It's my favorite part of the brewing process. I've asked for a pressure cooker for Christmas, but what else do I need to pick up? I have an idea, but what is more important than others? What I have: -Stir...
  18. AmandaK

    Diacetyl rest on BYO's New Belgium Schwarzbier?

    Hey guys, Just got my December BYO. In it there are clone recipes for New Belgium's 1554, a schwarzbier. I love this beer and want it on tap. So, the recipe says to ferment it at 65*. Yes, 65* for a lager. I really hate diacetyl. I know nothing about lagers, but I'm assuming that...
  19. AmandaK

    Length of your AG brew session?

    I'm just wondering how long (or short) other people's all grain brew days are. I've personally gotten mine down to 4.5 hours in my kitchen. Luckily, I can get 5 gallons of water/wort to a raging boil in ~20 minutes! Woot! So... how long is your brew day? Amanda
  20. AmandaK

    Odell's Saboteur - Clone?

    Hey guys, Quick question. I had Odell's Saboteur. I'm in love. So, naturally, I want to make it. I have a bottle chillin and waiting for me to harvest the yeast for a starter. Question is, for those of you who have had it, you think I could just make a standard brown ale with oak cubes and...