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  1. aiptasia

    how long does it take others to bottle a 5 gallon batch?

    45 minutes to an hour depending on interruptions. I tend to get all of my ducks in a row the day before, sanitize bottles and caps quickly with spray starsan over the kitchen sink, then spray out the bottling bucket, rack to it and fill furiously. I cap off once i've reached the end of the case...
  2. aiptasia

    Jacksonville FL area bottle share

    Bump, more drinking to be had on Sunday the 3rd of August @ 2:00 pm at Brewer's Pizza in Orange Park, FL (near Jax). 14-B Blanding Boulevard. Bring us good beers.
  3. aiptasia

    Jacksonville FL area bottle share

    Bump. It's going down today at 2:00 pm at Brewer's Pizza/Pinglehead Brewing. 14-B Blanding Blvd in Orange Park. I hear Lawson's Double Sunshine might make an appearance.
  4. aiptasia

    florida law assistance

    Brewer's law is a good resource. In order for you to serve your recipes in his bar, he'll need to apply for either a brewer's license or a brew pub license. This requires registering on both the federal and state levels (mainly for tax reasons) and will require him to pay alcohol taxes if he...
  5. aiptasia

    Strong Scotch Ale grain bill, too simple?

    I prefer the breiss cherrywood over peated malts. It's not as overpowering and adds a great roasted smoked flavor to the beer. I also bump in a little 4 oz. addition of Crystal 60 for that added caramelly flavor it has in mine. I use plain roasted barley and some chocolate malt for roasty...
  6. aiptasia

    Great Western Chocolate Malt

    "chocolate" refers to the color of roasted malts, and unfortunately not their overall flavor. Your guess about it being roasty is correct. It will have plenty of roasty malt flavor. If you want chocolate flavor in your beer, you need to be using crushed cacao nibs in a secondary. They should be...
  7. aiptasia

    Red Ale with Windsor Yeast ?Trouble?

    Windsor yeast is lazy and it tends to crap out right around there. Actually, if you got 70% attenuation out of it on a 1.085 to 1.024 beer, that's pretty fantastic. It's likely to have some residual sweetness but you are using malts with unfermentable sugars in them. Red ales are noticeable for...
  8. aiptasia

    Jacksonville FL area bottle share

    Just giving a little notice that the next greater Jacksonville area bottle share will be in one week. The Orange Park bottle share will be going down at 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 20th, 2014 at Pinglehead Brewing / Brewer's Pizza pub at 14-B Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park, FL. If you're interested...
  9. aiptasia

    Stir plate magnets reversing polarity

    I added a 1" plastic bottle top from a 2 liter and re-glued the cardboard pog to that. Then, I glued on the magnets by attaching them to the ends of the 2" bar and glued the undersides of the magnets directly to the pog. This also didn't really work too well, so I decided to replace the stir...
  10. aiptasia

    jacksonville area

    Also, there's a Jax area bottle share in Orange Park twice a month. The usual spot is Brewer's Pizza/Pinglehead brewing at 14-B Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park at 2:00 pm. The usual dates are the first Sunday and the Third Sunday of every month. There's a facebook group also and it's usually...
  11. aiptasia

    Stir plate magnets reversing polarity

    Evan, tried that. It does help but I think the problem is that the magnets are too close to the fan. Another part of the problem is that at lower wattages (3-5 watt), the pull of the magnets is strong enough to stop the fan entirely. Also, I think a 1" stir bar will help. You other non-helpful...
  12. aiptasia

    Stir plate magnets reversing polarity

    I'm working on a DIY stir plate using a small PC fan and a 3-12 watt adjustable wall wort. I have the fan mounted to a project box by four #6 screws with bolts and washers with a rubber grommet on each screw to serve as a shock absorber and a rattle baffle. I'm using a 2" stir bar and button...
  13. aiptasia

    Making a Starter: Sanity Check

    The worst that can happen is a sluggish fermentation, which means you'd need to re-pitch with fresh yeast. Be sure to oxygenate your wort and add yeast nutrient & energizer prior to pitching and you should be fine.
  14. aiptasia

    Sugar addition didn't work as expected

    More sugar will just dry it out. I'm inclined to do as posted above and just call it a dubbel.
  15. aiptasia

    Crushed Coriander?

    Correct. Just like your brewing grains, you just want to crack the coriander and not grind it into flour.
  16. aiptasia

    Brewing Bohemian Pilsner

    1) Buy an external temperature controller. Fridge built in thermostats are not accurate. A simple external temperature controller with a probe that can be duct taped to the side of your fermentation vessel or put in a thermowell would be excellent. 2) Use noble hops strains with higher beta to...
  17. aiptasia

    wort chilling questions

    A good cold break, meaning more proteins can settle out of the wort and less hazy beer as a result. Also reduced chance of infection because if you cool the wort faster, the quicker you can "infect" it by pitching the yeast you want to use. With good sanitation though, this might not be an issue...
  18. aiptasia

    RO water good for brew?

    It depends on the style of beer you're brewing. Most filtered water has very low TDS (total dissolved solids) and might be missing nutrients that your mash will need to hit the right pH and your yeasts will need to grow and thrive in the wort. Sometimes "pure" can be a little too pure. Check...
  19. aiptasia

    Too much corn sugar for the batch

    3/4 cup priming sugar per 5 gallon batch. It takes a full three weeks for the beers to completely carbonate up. I've been brewing since 1991 (off and on) and the only time I came close to a bottle bomb was when I couldn't remember if i'd added priming sugar to a Belgian Strong ale. I was buzzed...