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  1. Brettomomyces

    Deal on 4 Product Secondary Regulator at Beverage Factory

    Just passing this along, I picked one up this morning for my new bar kegerator. Kegco brand 4 product regulator only $99, marked down from $150...
  2. Brettomomyces

    80 yo British TV cooking personality tries garlic beer with predictable results Caption contest? :D
  3. Brettomomyces

    AB acquires Four Peaks, looks to New Belgium next And they keep rolling in
  4. Brettomomyces

    Inland Island Bavarian Hefeweizen

    I actually couldn't find a thread referencing this yeast with a search... It's from Denver's new yeast co, Inland Island. I got a vial of 50mL or so from Quirky Homebrew up in Thornton. The owner guessed it might be about 150B cells, and the vial was only 5 days old. I stepped it up in a...
  5. Brettomomyces

    Hop additions make me lower manual PID from 68 to 50

    Was wondering if anyone else experiences this. I've found 68% for my manual PID is a good go to number for most of my boil; I usually start at 63, allow it to break, and raise to 68 for the rest of the boil. Then I get down to the 15 minute mark and start doing the late hop additions, and I...
  6. Brettomomyces

    Taking the next step!

    Thanks everyone for inspiring me to actually start controlling my mash pH! And me being me accidentally orders the 230ml calibration buffer in JUST the 7.01...
  7. Brettomomyces

    Efficient way of utilizing large ferm chamber?

    So, throwing out this question in kind of a broad way, but I'm looking for advice in the best way to utilize my large fermentation chamber. It's a Fischer Scientific isotemp fridge, around 40cf with two big sliding doors. I got it on craigslist for a great price. The original owners got it free...
  8. Brettomomyces

    Trying to make my electric brew day even lazier

    So, I don't think I've ever seen this before, but does anyone have any ideas on how to start a Kal clone panel on a timer? I'd love to be able to set it to turn on and start heating real early (so I don't have to wake up at 5am just to flip the breaker) on a weekend or say maybe an hour before I...
  9. Brettomomyces

    What did you buy for black friday??

    I got myself 4 more Class C kegs from Beverage elements with a coupon code for $10. Anyone go a little crazy? I considered grabbing some more hops from all the 2013 crop sales but Ive got like 6lbs in the freezer still.
  10. Brettomomyces

    So, Jaybird false bottoms work pretty good...

    I was able to recirc through my plate chiller for a 2 hour hop stand with this guy. Only downside was cleaning all the hops off afterwards!
  11. Brettomomyces

    "Champagne" Lager for New Years

    So I was playing around with an idea for a new years beer, a high gravity low srm lager. Take the grain bill from a Tripel, 10% cane sugar, a big ass healthy pitch of 34/70 (2 3.5L starters), haven't decided on the hops yet but relatively low. Looking at about 1.095 for the OG and hoping to get...
  12. Brettomomyces

    So I was going to get a chest freezer...

    Then I found this. :D Came with an external digital controller too. Going to make a couple of platforms and be able to have up to 4 sanke fermenters going at once...or a couple conicals if they're in my future