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  1. scrawbag

    For those in Ireland who want to purchase co2

    Hi gang. Those of us living in the land of the black stuff have a pretty hard time getting co2 for our homebrew but it looks like there have been some changes since December 2013. BOC are the crowd to handle this stuff but its been very user unfriendly untill now. This link is to their I presume...
  2. scrawbag

    where can i find apparent attenuation of muntons dark DME

    i have been looking everywhere on the net, even on the muntons website and i cant find a list of apparent attenuation for their products. i am bottle carbing and all i have is powdered DME. the carb calculators need an accurate value if this is going to be right. can anyone help me out please
  3. scrawbag

    NEW: worlds strongest beer @ 65% abv from scotland

    The world's strongest beer! Despite being 65%, this beer has lots of flavour. It's slightly sweet, hoppy, malty and retains much of the yeast present during fermentation. Bottles are conditioned but we recommend people drink this in 35ml measures. So drink with friends to save it going...
  4. scrawbag

    oak barrel for sale in IRELAND

    not mine. just saw the add and i know these can be rare so i thought id pass it on
  5. scrawbag

    NEWS: new guinness lager in Europe and Malaysia

    The latest taste sensation in lager from Guinness has arrived with the launch of Guinness Black Lager in the Republic of Ireland. Guinness Black Lager combines the refreshing taste of lager with the unique taste of Guinness for a completely unique lager taste sensation. Developed by the...
  6. scrawbag

    back to basics. base grain experiment(beginner lvl)

    so i decided to do a little experimenting at the weekend. tis fine to "borrow" another mans recipe but i would like to design a few myself so i decided to make 3 x 2 gallon batches of base malt only. 1 of larger malt 1 of marris otter 1 of munich malt i think its importent to know what...
  7. scrawbag

    first partial. only 1 mistake

    so i did my first partial at the weekend. didnt do too bad. the kitchen still smells like calf nuts. my recipe was 1lb caramel malt 1lb flaked maize .75 choc malt .5 roasted barley and of course dry malt extract. only problem was i ended up putting in 6 lbs / 3kg. its a mistake but not a bad...
  8. scrawbag

    ok my first recipe please

    hello beer buddies. its my first allgrain and first attempt at constructing a recipe so can i get some input please. dry? stout 11lbs lager malt (its what i have) 1lb caramel malt 1lb flaked maize is called for but im going to use oats(porridge) as its what i have .75 choc malt .25 black...
  9. scrawbag

    any electric boiler partial mash advice?

    hi peoples. tomorrow im doing my first PM with a new electric boiler (220v) if anyone has any blogs or videos or anything you think will be usefull please provide a link and say a quick prayer for me
  10. scrawbag

    1 year out of date grain?

    i got my hands on 30 kg of grain and a load of hops and they are all at least a year out of date. are they ok to use? ill be doing my first all grain with these
  11. scrawbag

    first all grain recipe

    a guy gave up brewing (sad) and i ended up with his gear and grain. im thinking i should start with an ale or brown ale or should i just so a stout? 1. i have done about 12 extract kits. 2. all my ingredients are at least a year out of date. i thought "if im going to do my first allgrain, why...
  12. scrawbag

    how do i post blogs?

    being an idiot does not help :confused: so i thought i would give up and just ask the 200 people who will view this :p why the f can i not post more than one "blog" entry? i know one of them whipper snappers out there will help me out, god bless them
  13. scrawbag

    drUnken rambling

    why does beer age? do elements break down with age, if they do does it happen in a manner that is natural to them and at a time that is natural? :off: just the ramblings of an old man looking to understand the meaning of everything...schrodinger
  14. scrawbag

    pure maltodextrin?

    i can buy pure maltodextrin from amazon if i add say 250g to an extract kit instead of using the standard brew enhancer will this improve my head retention and mouth feel or should i just use the brew enhancer. im thinking...
  15. scrawbag

    is chill haze not stopped if i dilute my wort with COLD water?

    im brewing extract (coopers wheat) and i understand proteins=chill haze. cooling of wort=broken proteins. why when i dilute the wort to 23l /6us gal with cold water does that not break the proteins? does this process have to happen to undiluted wort? why? one of the pro's might have a good...
  16. scrawbag

    3000 euro of equipment for 500 in IRELAND

    i am NOT selling this stuff. its an ebay classified add a guy from Dublin selling 3000 euro worth of gear for 500 euro. its quite a lot of equipment thats suitable if you want to upgrade to make lots of beer/stout and wine. worth a look...
  17. scrawbag

    misleading extract info when bottling

    hi peeps. im troubled. im doing a muntons extract kit and im using the calculator provided here and its a brill tool only prob is the calc asks what type of wheat beer i am making but i dont know and if i select the least high carbonation it...
  18. scrawbag

    bottling a wheat beer kit. sugar question

    hi guys im bottling a wheat beer muntons kit today and im using the calculator on as reccomended by you guys. last week i did a stout with about 3-4 ounces of sugar now its calculating 8 ounces for my wheat beer. that seems high btw this...
  19. scrawbag

    heating / cooling question

    i found this controller on ebay i am trying to controll the temp of a room with a plug in oil heater and i want this to knock it...
  20. scrawbag

    how much sugar?? quick help please. easy for a pro

    hi guys. i have about 20 - 21 l of irish stout. its a coopers kit thats sitting in the glass secondry for a month so im transferring back into the primary to bottle. im putting dextrose in the primary that will mix as i rack was supposed to be 23 l but its a bit short. its my first time...